[OOC] SWTOR Hype Shuttle – All Aboard

I haven’t been playing very much SWTOR lately, I kind of fizzled out with the Dark vs Light event, because I already have two of almost every single class, most of them max level. It was a really great event for newer players, but for altoholic veterans like me, there wasn’t a whole lot to motivate me to do it all again, especially when I’d just spent all summer leveling alts. Some of the requirements were frustrating, too, for example having to buy a house (stronghold) on your DvL character. I already own 3 out of the possible 4, so that one wasn’t going to happen. Then of course Legion launched and that’s been taking up most of my gaming time, though I’m getting close to being done with grinding on my main character. Legion is so unforgiving to alts that I’ve not been playing them much, but once the next patch arrives that should be eased a little bit, and I’d like to pick one to focus on. I’m not enjoying Warlock as much as I had hoped, but my Paladin is pretty fun. He would have the flexibility to fill any role, as well. Currently my plan is to just get my alts to 110 and just let them run old raids for transmog.

Anyway, I still keep my SWTOR sub active, and I still follow the news there. They just released the trailer for the next expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, which is coming out in December (just in time for Rogue One!) It’s got me all jazzed about playing again, here’s the video on YouTube –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbpDxrew4A0

It features Senya (aka SpaceMom), my favorite character from the last expansion, and her daughter. I think I’ve written about it before, but it makes me so happy to see older female characters being awesome and kicking butt, especially when they get to wear sensible armor and not be central to a man’s storyline. They’re also giving another one of my favorite NPCs as a subscriber reward, so I’ll be looking forward to that! While I think some aspects could have been done better, overall I was very happy with the last expansion and I look forward to seeing where the story will go. Hopefully they will have listened to the community concerns and made things even better! I see that there are three different difficulty levels, and I would assume different rewards for each.

I did drop some cash for the latest pack, as well. I like almost every single armor set in it, and some of them are really awesome (like Theron’s jacket and pants). I really wanted the luggerwahl mount, the creature that the scavenger in the Force Awakens rides when Rey finds BB-8. It’s the highest rarity, but when I opened my very last pack, there he was! I’m so excited. Wish I could get that kind of good luck in WoW too!



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