[Story] Thorns – Brewfest

This morning I had to go into the mage district to find someone to send this letter from Nash. I was tempted to read it, but it’s probably written in Thalassian anyway. It seemed really important to him, enough that he was willing to make a special trip just to get it mailed. Obviously he can’t send it from here, nor can he get a reply here. Though I bet if he was a mage it would be okay. Mages don’t seem to care about that stuff. Which is one reason I was looking for one. I wanted to find the one that we worked for before, if only because I’d worked with him before and would likely have to do less explaining. Even though it was pretty early, I found him at the tavern there. He wanted a small fee for sending it, and the possible reply, but that’s fine. I didn’t expect him to do it for free anyway. And now hopefully he’ll keep us in mind if he has more work.

I did get another request to find some magic books, I haven’t met with the guy yet but I plan to as soon as we get back from Brewfest. I almost said no, just because of the hassle with the last one, but these ones ought to be a lot easier. They’re not lost, for one. They just belong to somebody else. Not a big deal. They’re demon books too, which probably explains all the secrecy, though everyone’s talking about demons now so maybe he doesn’t need to be so cautious. The only thing I’m worried about is wards and things like that, I’ll need to ask the guy about that. Nash said he was interested in that job, too — I thought he wouldn’t be because he was talking about leaving. Now he wants to stay for that one, and go to Brewfest. He’s not making a lot of sense lately, but I know better than to try to ask for an explanation. I’m just glad I get to go, last year was a little weird since it was the orc one, and there was no snow. Ogres just aren’t as good at making ale as dwarves, and I think the food is way better in Ironforge. There’s a whole booth with all different kinds of cheeses, another with all different kinds of sausage, and of course pretzels. It was my favorite time of year when I lived in Ironforge, and I always try to still go when I can. I wish I could talk Josie and Rose into going with, but with the winter holidays coming up I doubt it’ll happen. I told them I’d bring some food back, which isn’t quite the same thing but they should enjoy it anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, this old man came into the shop asking for me. Actually, he asked for Sorias which caught me off guard. Way off guard. He had a letter from Risarra, asking if everything was okay here, with the demons and all. She said they’re fighting them there, checking the forest for them and trying to keep their numbers down. I hadn’t really thought about it until then. In the city, we have all the guards and walls to protect us. I don’t think I’d want to be out in the middle of the forest staring down a demon with nothing but a bow. I’ve tried to leave all of that behind, but it’s not easy. It keeps creeping back now and then. I guess it’s the same with Nash. I almost feel like it would be better if he just left all that in the past and looked forward, but at the same time, I think I’d probably do the same if I had the chance to find out more about who I was, where I came from. I don’t know. It’s complicated. I did write back though. I had to, or else she’d worry and she’d probably be distracted and that’s dangerous when you’re fighting demons. I said that we hadn’t had any in the city yet, but I’d be careful. I also said she could come here if it got too dangerous. That was kind of a joke, but the old man seemed interested by the idea. From what he told me, the sentinels were forcing him to stay there. He seemed like he would be able to fight, but I guess he couldn’t fight all of them. Still, he’d have a lot more freedom here. I told him to consider it. Maybe I’ll see him again.

I thought Nash might want a fake beard for Brewfest, you know, to kind of blend in more. Even though everyone is pretty drunk, I still worry that he might be discovered. I could take some fur off a coat or something. I don’t think he liked the idea much. Hopefully it won’t be needed.


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