[Story] Imralion’s Journal

We’re back from Tanaris. I’m kind of glad because it’s not the most comfortable place, and Vallindra and her husband are annoying. They both act like they’re better than everybody else and we’re just there to be the hired help or something.  I half expected her to order me to carry her luggage. Luckily they kept to themselves most of the time.

I was able to get a lot of notes done. I’m not the greatest artist but I at least tried to record all of the major features of the new demons that I saw, of which there were quite a lot. I would have liked to get to kill some, in order to better learn what they might be weak against, but Aeramin and the others wanted them alive. Still, I took a guess based on their appearances and what other demons they were similar too. It’s reasonable that a huge plated demon won’t be hurt much by an ordinary sword, for instance. One really weird thing was the giant imp. We saw several, so I don’t think it was just one that grew really big or anything. Aeramin brought one home. I’m kind of worried that it’s going to bully the other little ones. Or get into things. Imps are enough trouble already without being tall enough to open doors. He says they have enough to fortify the wards, so that’s good. I really hope my notes are helpful to the other blood knights.

Kuul applied for training and was accepted. They’re basically accepting anyone who looks remotely able to hold a sword right now. I’m not saying that to be mean or anything, it makes sense. Better to have more people prepared if it’s needed than not enough. He’s really excited about it though. He already went out and bought armor. I’m not sure how he was able to afford that. I told him that they provide training armor and weapons, so he might want to see if he can get his money back. Kuul said he wanted to look like he was serious, which makes sense I guess. But armor is expensive. Also, he wants me to train him. I’d figured that would already be the case, since I’m the closest one out there in the Ghostlands. I have some dummies in the yard and I said he could use them, it’s going to be kind of weird having him around all the time. I don’t really like it but Aeramin suggested it anyway, so I’m sure he’ll be fine with it.

He also found a lot of leads into the murders while I was away. Apparently me being there was just holding him back. I don’t know how to feel about that. Actually I do, I feel bad about it. Why was I wasting all my time and energy on these people who don’t even like me when he could have done it alone? I don’t know. I just hope he can find him soon. Then again, if he’s training to be a blood knight, maybe they won’t trust him either.

Lin wrote to me, she’s going to have a baby. With the weird lizard guy. I guess I’m excited to be an uncle, but I don’t know if Aeramin is going to want to see another baby around. It probably also means our mother will be returning to visit again. No doubt she’s thrilled that Lin is getting along with her so well and she’s giving her a grandchild. I don’t really need to be around her, either.


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