[Story] Fairsong Academy – Renner’s Journal

I was able to find Zayel without any other students around, that’s not easy to do. Usually she’s over at the healing clinic, or in her room studying. I wanted to speak to her about what’s been happening, and whether she could help with the wards. I also wanted to tell her about the island with goblin beds on it, because I bet she would be interested to see them too.

She said the wards are fine, that Hethurin’s are quite strong and she didn’t need to make any adjustments, however she did make her own as a back-up. It seems Hethurin didn’t mention to her that the emergency portal would be to another timeline. The idea of having to use it frightens me a great deal; bringing one person is highly dangerous, bringing an entire school’s worth? I am honestly not sure what might happen. I’ve been hunting for one that is suitable, that would have the least impact, but I am not sure if it’s possible. Even removing them from here, if they are meant to die, is more tampering than I would allow anyone else. So why am I even considering it? I don’t want to see them die and everything taken away. I know I shouldn’t be personally invested, but I am. Especially when I think about the little baby ones. I couldn’t just stand by and watch them be devoured. There has to be a timeline they can go to without too much danger.

In the meantime, I am desperately hoping it doesn’t come to that. Every night I fly over the forest and kill any demons that I find. Normally I find a few imps, once I saw some of the magic-devouring hound type down by the Scar. Nothing bigger than that, but I’m still going to watch. Aeramin has returned, hopefully that will fortify the wards enough that the emergency portal won’t be necessary. Zayel said she hasn’t seen any in town, either, only on the path near the forest.

I told her about the autumn ball. She could easily make herself an illusion for it, but as she’s supposed to be a student, it would probably be better if she made a mask out of paper or cloth like everyone else. The other students usually start making them soon, so they could help. I don’t think she really understands it, and won’t until it happens. That’s okay, I didn’t either, and it is sort of a strange custom when you think about it. She especially thought the fake spiders were odd, since we have real spiders.

She sounded pretty interested in seeing the goblin beds. Of course it’ll have to wait until things are safe here. She asked if they were goblin-sized. I really hope not, I don’t want to have to be in a goblin shape to use one.


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