[Story] Risarra’s Journal

Captain Avanniel let the old man leave. I honestly wasn’t sure that she would, given what he’s told me. He mentioned before about her shooting him, I’m not sure how much of that story is true, I never asked Avanniel about it. But maybe she’s had a change of heart, because she agreed that he could go. It occurs to me that we’ll probably never see him again. He’s going deep into sin’dorei lands, where he could easily be discovered and killed. Or if he does succeed, I doubt very much that he’d return here, even though he said he would. He and the others hate the town so much that even dumplings won’t coax them in. He’ll probably find a quiet place where they can live and we’ll never know what happened. I’ll miss him, in a way. Or at least I’ll wonder what became of him. Maybe that’s not the same thing.

Zhyra and I took a big basket of dumplings to Bear’s camp. It’s the only way we can convince them to talk at all. He said the old man had come by and left some food for the bears. That worried me a little, because if he was giving away his food, what was he eating for the trip? It’s a very long way, he’s going to need something. Apparently he didn’t say anything else. Bear didn’t seem worried at all. He said that if something happened, there was nothing he could do about it so there was no sense worrying. Which I suppose is true, but it’s an awfully heartless thing to say. I wonder if he forgets about everyone who disappears like that. He said the old man sometimes stopped to check on him, but they didn’t talk much. I guess that’s probably true, because he didn’t have any dumplings. The other elf came for a short time, he said that he smelled the dumplings. He didn’t say much besides “hello” and ate a lot of them. He was worried that Zhyra was upset when she left to return to her patrol. If he was so worried, why didn’t he say anything before she left? It’s good that he’s not hurt, too, but it would still be safer for them in town.
Bear said that he didn’t forget about going to Feralas, he just thought I hadn’t been by. Which I had, I always stopped by on my patrol but most of the time he was away, fishing or something. He’s worried that the water in the stream might be unsafe due to the demons, I have to ask the druids to come and look at it. They’re always very busy but I think it’s important. I would have thought the bears would have found my scent or something. We can’t go now anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter. We’re too busy with our patrols and making sure the demons don’t get worse. I guess it’s good he didn’t totally forget though. I left the basket, so he could finish the dumplings. I’ll have to go back and get it the next time I am by there.


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