[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal (and Letters)

Things aren’t going so well. Orledin and Salenicus just walked off during their patrol the other night. Sorrowmoss said that they went into a dark, shadowy portal which I assume means they went back to the death knight citadel, because neither of them were mages before. So at least I have some idea where, but I don’t know why they’d just leave. Were they unhappy? I know Orledin was lonely sometimes, but everyone was at least polite to him, and loved his baking. He has his cat, which he didn’t take with him. Nessna says that’s proof he’ll return, and I hope she’s right about that. Salenicus hasn’t been here as long, so I could possibly see him leaving, but not Orledin. Why wouldn’t they at least tell me what was going on? I’m writing a letter, but who knows if the scary dead people in charge will agree to it, or even read it. Can I go there if I need to, like I had to go find Sunashe? I hope not, I don’t think it’s a very safe place to visit. I’ll see what happens with the letter, I guess.

Nessna agreed that we should have a plan in case things get too dangerous here. She thinks we’ll be able to handle the demons, which we are for now, but if things get really bad it’s better to have a plan already in place. She said that Hethurin would allow us to stay at the school, it’s big enough for everyone and there are magical wards in place. We have some here that he made, too, but I assume they’re stronger at the school because they’re closer to him. Maintaining them must be tiring, and it’s likely ours would falter sooner. I have an alarm horn that can be heard far into the forest, that will be the signal to head to the school. That way, anyone on patrol will also know what’s happening.

I think Sorrowmoss would be just as happy doing her patrol alone, but I don’t really feel it’s safe. If something were to overwhelm her, we wouldn’t know until the morning. Thankfully, Julan volunteered to take hers temporarily, until Orledin and Salenicus get back. He wanted extra pay, but I don’t mind paying it. The overnight patrol is rough for us living people.


Dear Sirs,

Two of my rangers, I have reason to believe that two of my rangers, Orledin and Salenicus, are at your stronghold. They are both highly trained rangers and an important part of the team that keeps the Ghostlands safe for both living and unliving residents. Presently, their help is needed to ensure that the demon invasion is kept controlled. Please urge them to return as soon as possible.

Captain Silverdawn,
The Ghostclaw Rangers

PS – Pancat meows because he misses Orledin.


Dear Hethurin,

I tried to come by to talk to you, but Tik said you were sleeping. I just wanted to ask if it was all right if the rangers and Nessna and I stay at the school in case things get really bad out here. So far, it hasn’t, but it’s always good to have a plan in place. Also, after things get back to normal, I was wanting to take her on a trip. Would you be able to watch the boys for a few days? They’re really good and I know you have a place they could stay.




Congratulations, Nessna told me that you and Ordinicus had your wedding. I hope it was nice, and you’re going on a relaxing trip. I’m glad you are happy and doing well, though it wasn’t how I imagined things would go it all worked out in the end.




I tried to write you a poem, but it was really bad. So just imagine that there’s a really beautiful and romantic poem here instead. It explains how much I love you and how happy you make me feel. It’s also maybe a little bit dirty. I can’t wait for our trip, you’re going to love it.



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