[Screenshots] SWTOR – HK Bonus Chapter

Today they released the bonus chapter for KotFE, if you were subscribed for all of the summer (I think?) you got to play this. Maybe it was just because I’ve recently been subjected to Blizzard’s awful story and voice acting, but I was super impressed by this chapter. It had humor, intrigue, and it made me have feelings about droids – something I never expect. (M1-4X will forever be my favorite, but these two are now very close behind.)

As you play as HK-55, there’s only one shot of Kazta at the very end, the rest are all from his point of view. As always, there are spoilers, so proceed with caution!

Theron sent a great mail message after:


There’s also Rusk’s recruitment mission. I haven’t started it yet other than just to talk to him. Kazta will be excited to have another military buddy to talk with!




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