[Story] Ashenvale – Risarra’s Report

“Report, Risarra?” Avanniel glanced up from her map only briefly. As Captain Rainshadow had taken a unit of Sentinels north to hunt demons, Avanniel had been named the temporary captain in her absence. She took to the task as an otter takes to the river, and was crisp and efficient.

“I patrolled the south-eastern ridge,” Risarra said. “Three imps, I was able to shoot all of them.” She paused, unsure if she should reveal what else she saw. Bear was right — if Avanniel knew he was in the area, she’d want them to come into town. It was safer to be together, protected by the structures and the sentinels. She’d tried at length to convince him, but it hadn’t done any good. He’d rather be eaten by demons than be near them. “Two others reported, also killed.”

Avanniel looked up again at that. “Reported by whom?”

“One of the men who stayed here before. The one with the bears. He claimed to have killed two imps in his camp.”

“It’s not safe for them to be alone out there,” Avanniel said. “I trust you told him that.”

Risarra nodded, frowning faintly. “I tried. He’s stubborn.”

“Aren’t they all,” the captain muttered, twitching an ear.

Risarra watched her for a moment to see if she might say anything else. Avanniel didn’t.

“Are you going to let the old man go? I think he–”

Avanniel sighed heavily. “I shouldn’t. But I suppose you’re right, he’s not much danger to anyone, and if something were to happen to her, I don’t think I could live with the regret.”

“Maybe the blood elf,” suggested Risarra. She almost wanted to go look for him herself. To have the audacity to steal someone right out of their own forest. It was insulting. That would never happen to me, Risarra assured herself. I’d have fought him. “I’ll go tell him. He’ll be pleased.”

In truth, she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to find him easily. Old though he was, it’s true he was good at hiding. Risarra wanted to find him to give him the letter before he left. The old man had got the wrong idea, it wasn’t that sort of letter. She told him he was free to read it if he wished. She didn’t feel that way about Sorias, if she had then she could have acted upon it. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t worried about him. The sentinels said that demons had been seen near Stormwind, too, and while it was probably safe, Risarra just had to be certain. Maybe he would be happy to hear that she was safe too.

She wasn’t even sure she felt that way about anyone. She thought she might have, but Bear had completely forgotten about his promise to go to Feralas with her. Of course, that had been before the demons started appearing, but he hadn’t even mentioned it. Worse, he didn’t even remember her name. She felt foolish sitting there as he tried to remember it. All he’d really wanted was the dumplings, but even those weren’t enough to convince him to return to the safety of the town. She’d have to go search for the other one soon. She remembered the cave where he’d stayed before, perhaps he was still there.


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