[OOC] Day One Impressions

I’m only level 104 and ready to be done with leveling. The zones and models are very nice (with the exception of my artifacts and braided-ass bear form), but the questing still suffers from the on-rails, Chosen One, no-choices that plagued WoD. There isn’t ever a single quest that gives you so much as a conversation option to say or do anything besides what is presented to you. Even if it only changed the story in minor ways, this would go a long way toward putting the “RP” back into MMORPG. One that particularly bothered me was in the aftermath of the Horde’s Broken Shore scenario. There wasn’t even an option to refuse what I was told to do — I’m sure my character isn’t the only one who might take exception with what was going on.

Running around on the ground sucks. Hunting for cave entrances sucks. Trying to find the one path that takes you where you want to go sucks. I’d hoped they figured this out by now, but it seems not.

I think one of my biggest barriers to enjoying Legion is the alt thing, that I’ve touched on before. Legion is extremely unfriendly to alts, due to the amount of grinding and repetition required. To even step into the new zones, you need to: do the Broken Shore scenario (I’ve heard that you can skip it on alts, but I don’t know if this is true. I didn’t have the option when I took my Horde mage, but this was prior to launch), do the Dalaran introduction quests, and then do your artifact scenario and set up your class hall. These vary in length depending on class. They do seem to have been properly scaled though, I (a very bad mage) was able to do mine with really awful gear. And then, if you want to do any dungeons, you need Friendly rep with each questing faction, which means you need to quest through every zone. On every alt. Then, on top of that, Blizzard thinks everyone enjoys running the same dungeons over and over and over (and over… and over…) so you get to do that, too. I hated Mythic dungeons in WoD, and only did them to complete the achievement, so I’m already feeling the dread close in at the prospect of being stuck in these awful dungeons for two years. I really haven’t enjoyed any dungeon since Wrath, and the WoD ones were especially awful for the most part. My other big thing is removal of player choice and agency, the game telling you how important you are at every turn. (Seriously, the next NPC who calls me Archdruid is getting punched.) It especially loses its impact when you’re in the class hall, surrounded by 50 other super important world-savers. They really are just re-skinned garrisons, too. Yeah, there’s other people there, but the mechanics are still the same, and are still un-fun. I can’t get rid of followers I don’t like, nor do they have any interaction outside of when you recruit them. Well, mine showed up once in a scenario to be useless and die. You must accept the weapon and weapon type you are given, which you must use for the duration of the expansion. Many spells and abilities were taken away, or made into talents.

Everyone else seems to like it right now, but everyone liked WoD at first, too. I guess we’ll see in a few months.



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