[Story] Story a Week 33

[[ Prompt: A story set 100 years in the future

I decided to do elves because, well, they live a long time. This story is about Fairsong Academy and Narise, who is currently a baby. ]]

Narise Fairsong walked down the empty hallways of the academy, making sure that every last little detail was in place. In a few short days, the new first-year students would be arriving and settling into their rooms. The hallways, now silent, would be buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm. The beginning of the term was always her favorite time of the year. Many students stayed over the summer; many of the scholarship students simply couldn’t afford to go on holidays, others wanted to get in the extra study time. Narise always scheduled some short trips to help them pass the time, trips to the library in Shattrath or Dalaran, day trips to elven ruins or the beach. Things to help the students feel more at home, but it had helped to bolster Fairsong Academy’s reputation as one of the finest schools in the region. She’d had to turn away some of the applicants because there simply weren’t enough rooms for them. The main building, which had stood for hundreds of years, had been carefully maintained and restored. It held the main lecture rooms, and the practice rooms for the older students. The instructors and staff had their rooms there, as well. On the grounds, several buildings had been added on, these were the residential buildings for the students, as well as the lounges and practice rooms.

It was Narise’s first autumn running the school on her own. For the past decade, she had assisted Hethurin with the supervision and instruction of the students, and Terellion with the book-keeping, hiring of staff, and correspondence. She was confident that she could do it all by herself, but grateful that she could ask them for help if things got too muddled. Malwen would be only a short flight away, too, working at the hospital in town with their cousin. Things would go well, she was certain of it, though she could feel butterflies in her stomach.

In the sun room, she found Renner at an easel, working at a painting. It didn’t look like much yet, but Narise could tell that it was still in its early stages, just abstract blocks of color. Renner didn’t seem nervous at all, and why would he? He had seen all of this before. When Hethurin had told her about him at first, she thought he was trying to tease her, but it had all been true. When she was old enough, she attended his lessons and learned about chronomancy first-hand. And while everyone else grew old and frail and tired, Renner always looked the same. Narise liked talking to him because he could show her things from the past, things she had been too young to remember, or just happy times that she wanted to see again. It was as if he took those vague memories and made them vivid again — a bit like the painting he was working at, only it took much less time. She remembered the time that an infernal fell through the roof and made a big hole, she remembered the time when the river flooded the grounds and there was a huge puddle for weeks, sitting in classes with all of the other children and passing notes between them. And of course all of the parties, her other favorite times of the year. Everyone was always so happy, and the grounds always looked so beautiful decorated for the seasons.

Soon all of the students would be here, the returning students anxiously studying for their final exams, the new students just learning the basic foundations of magic, the wide-eyed scholarship students grateful for the chance to be there at all. They would all become part of the school in their own way, and it a part of them. She was excited for it to begin.


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