[Art] Druid Cuties Merchandise

This week I received my sample merchandise from RedBubble and Acorn Press!

First up are the vinyl stickers that I ordered from RedBubble. These are the “medium” size and are around $6 each. The quality is really nice and since they’re vinyl, you can peel them off and re-position if desired.


Here’s the German Shepherd on my car!


While they are a little slow because they have to manufacture your item after you order, the quality is really nice and I’ve been happy with everything I bought from RedBubble.

Here are the sample charms that I got. I got some one-sided (back side is white) and some double-sided. While I really like the double-sided, they do cost more to get made so I’d have to charge more for them. These guys will be up on Etsy once I get more of the clasps for them, probably $6 for the one-sided and $8 for double-sided.


If you like this design, there are lots of items with it in my RedBubble shop, there’s also a Troll bear, Tauren deer, Worgen crow, and moonkin.



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