[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Some days I feel like we’re never going to make any progress on this thing at all. Lately it’s been like that. Someone else went missing, and of course no one knows anything about who took him or where. I want to find him before it’s too late, I feel like it’s my fault if it does. But it’s so frustrating. Even though I’ve been around there for months, most of the people don’t trust me, even if Kuul is there with me. I feel like yelling at them, don’t you want this person to be found? But that would only make it worse. I think I’d take help from the only person who was trying, no matter who they were. Since we know he’s taking them somewhere on the Row, and keeping them there, it has to be a place that’s relatively private. I’m guessing it’s one of the buildings or rooms that is rented under a fake name. If he’s just using it to hold people, it’s probably vacant most of the time. I’m not above sneaking around and looking in windows, except it’s not easy in armor. It’d be something Kuul would have to do, but I don’t know if he really got the hint. I can’t exactly tell him to do it, because it’s illegal, but I think catching this person is more important.

Speaking of hints, it’s getting a little weird with him too. Like Aeramin is always saying how I should hire him to do paperwork or be my assistant afterward, which I think is weird to begin with. But lately Kuul has been acting like he’s trying to flirt with me, he wore a new shirt and it was unlaced most of the way, and he kept talking about how he’d make me sandwiches for lunch every day if he had a hot boyfriend. I’m assuming he meant “like you” but he didn’t come out and say it. Still, it was weird. I don’t know why he’s so set on that idea, I told him I can make my own sandwiches, it’s not like they’re difficult, or I get them from the shop that’s near my office. Sometimes I take leftovers from dinner the night before, too. Kuul said that Aeramin should be doing it. Aeramin has plenty of work to do, between preparing his lessons and grading papers and his own research. I told him about it and he kept offering to make me sandwiches. Why does everyone think I can’t make them myself? If it mattered to me I would have brought it up already. I just thought it was weird.

Kuul also thought I should be the one acting as bait for the killer. This after he said I don’t fit in and no one trusts me. Why would he think the killer would be so dumb as to fall for such obvious bait? I wouldn’t know how to act or what to say. Honestly I think he just wanted me to have to wear those little shorts. There’s no way I’m going to. First of all, I don’t really trust Kuul to be able to stop the guy if he does show up. Second, as I said, everyone would know right away that I was a fake, including the killer. And if they didn’t, there’s no way I’d go through with any of that, even fake. It would feel wrong. I don’t want Aeramin to have to do that, and there’s sure no way I’m going to, either. Eventually he agreed that we could watch the one inn where a lot of guys take their customers. I still think they should get better organized, have a set place to go if they feel they’re in danger, a signal they can send to others to get help. Aeramin agrees with that too, now if I can just get Kuul to go along with it, and convince them, too.

I am going to loan him some of my books, he says he wants to start studying to be a blood knight. I know they’re usually from good families but there’s no rule about it, if he passes the tests they’d let him do it, so he’s really excited about that. I dread when I’m going to have to show him how to use a sword. I can only imagine all the jokes he’s going to make.


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