[OOC] Charms on the Way!

As I posted a little while ago, I’ve been playing around with making plastic charms, and while they look really cute they are not super durable because the color can get scratched off, even sealed. I’ve seen a lot of people selling acrylic charms that are similar, and doing some research I found a good company that I think will work well. I’ve submitted my file for my first one, if it turns out well I’ll be getting some more made. I’m already working on art for the rest of the “set”. I can have five different designs per order so my intention is to make a themed set, first one will be druids, naturally!

I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t post the art until they get here, but I may end up making it available on my RedBubble store as well. The charms themselves will be available on Etsy, (I know I need to work on my shop!) and will be around 5-6$ each.


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