[OOC] Ornasse Reference Sheet

Some screenshots and reference images for Ornasse, I thought I made one of these before but I can’t find it so here’s a new one. I’m going to be participating in the Azeroth Art Exchange again and this reference is for whoever will be drawing him!


Head close-up

“Red Bird” Transmog



“Nightmare Lord” transmog


“Fungal” transmog



Art by others:




* He basically hates everyone. He’s an unabashed kaldorei supremacist — because they are, after all, the most important and valuable race. He has little use for the rest of the Alliance, unless they are serving the same end, such as the battle for Hyjal. He has some grudging respect for Tauren druids, though he believes they should cut ties with the rest of the Horde.

* He’s a staunch traditionalist and upholds the principles and roles that kaldorei have followed for millenia — no female druids, no male priests. He’ll rant often and loudly about how the youth are abandoning their heritage, and how humans are a bad influence on them.

* At the same time, he’s also a hypocrite, because his own daughter is a druid. Faced with the reality of his own mortality for the first time, he’s eager to hold onto what family he has left. For the sake of their relationship, he allows it. He’s not especially happy that her mate is a death knight, either.

* He has two children: Tathariel, born shortly after the War of the Shifting Sands, and Farahlor, his young son. They have different mothers — he’s lost touch with Tathariel’s mother, Naeva. He lives with Kelanori and Farahlor in the new Feathermoon stronghold.

* Almost all of his left has been spent in the Dream. He was awakened (near the beginning of WoW) along with most of his fellow druids.

* Fleeing the corruption of Teldrassil and his political disagreements with Staghelm, he ventured to the Eastern Kingdoms. This was partly out of curiosity, as well.

* He found another druid in Stormwind, Varul, with whom he became close friends. Varul later returned to the Dream.

* He also had a short and ill-advised relationship with a female draenei. She was later sent to fight in the Plaguelands, and was killed and risen as a death knight.

* He has ties to two dragons: Renzdormu the Bronze and Sorona the Green. He met Renzdormu initially during the War of the Shifting Sands, then later when the dragon needed his help. Sorona is a young Green whelp whom he saved from spider venom in Duskwood. She had come through one of the Dream portals by mistake. Later, he was able to meet her mother within the Dream, and she entrusted her to his care.

* He threw himself into the battle for Hyjal enthusiastically, earning the regard of the commanders there. It was also there that he met Stormpelt, a feral worgen death knight. Against his wishes, she declared him her alpha and now guards Ornasse and his family with great vigilance.


* He was born in Vanilla. I’m not sure of the exact time, initially I was Horde but switched over to Alliance several months later. Then of course, there was no faction change so I rolled a new druid to replace my Tauren one. I do know he wasn’t quite high enough for the Dark Portal event though.

* He was initially a female (with a different name). I ended up deleting and re-rolling male because I didn’t like the female’s animations — mostly the infamous bounce and the one-footed casting stance. I also really liked the male’s floppy ears when he ran.

* He has been my “main” or Alliance main since Wrath. He was bear spec in Burning Crusade, and actually tanked a few dungeons. I really enjoy tree healing though, and thankfully it’s not changing much in Warlords so I’ll stick with that.

* He has never changed names, races, hair color, or factions. He has changed his beard once or twice, though.

* Initially I’d thought to make him very feral, his name came from “Orn” which made me think of bears (Bjorn, Orso, etc.). The “asse” was kind of a joke, I was remarking how many kaldorei names had “ass” in them (Nordrassil, Teldrassil, it’s actually not that many but haha). It is pronounced like “orn-ass”.

* His surname is Evershade, there are two NPCs who share it: The Elder in Mount Hyjal, and one in Darkshore.


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