[Story] Story a Week 29

[[ Prompt: A story opening with the words “F*** you!”

This was kind of tough, none of my characters curse very much! As this is part of the Brambles storyline, it also has that tag! ]]

“Fuck you then,” The Harrier muttered under his breath as the old landlady shut the door abruptly. He’d expected that Nash’s belongings might be gone — accepted it, even — but he hadn’t expected her to lie about it. During the time they’d been in the Ghostlands tracking down that mage’s book, Nash hadn’t kept the rent on his room paid up, and she’d every right to toss his things out. Nash had told him there wasn’t anything too valuable, except for a necklace, a last reminder of his mother. It gave Harrier a little stab of jealousy that Nash had even that, a physical thing he could hold — and lose. He had nothing, not even a memory of a scent or a snippet of a song. He’d promised Nash that he’d do his best to get it back. The misadventure with the book had been his decision, after all, and they’d had to stay longer because the headmaster of the magic school had hired him on to make some clocks. A lot of clocks, actually. It was good money, so Harrier hadn’t minded, but he hadn’t given much thought to what might be happening back in Stormwind. The old landlady was nearly blind, which was one reason Nash had chosen that house to rent in. If she’d ever noticed his green eyes, she’d never said anything about it. She claimed she’d left Nash’s things out in the alley behind the house, but she couldn’t remember how long ago. As he’d expected, there wasn’t a thread of anything out there when Harrier looked; anything left out there had vanished within minutes, picked over by the street scavengers. That part he could believe, but he knew she must have gone through and found the necklace. She could have sold it — to who, The Harrier hadn’t the first clue — or kept it. He had a mind to simply come later that night to look for it among her belongings, but if it was missing she’d know for certain who had taken it. She’d seen him — well, sort of.

But he had a back-up plan. Coins jingling in his pocket, he made his way to the market district to one of the jewelry shops. There he picked out a pendant that sounded similar to Nash’s description; it was a silver filigree design, suggesting something perhaps floral but abstract enough that it wasn’t really. Nash said his had gems set into it, but this one didn’t. Still, maybe later on he could add some, if he wanted. Harrier knew it wasn’t the same as having the old one back, but he hoped that Nash would be pleased with the gift anyway. It looked sort of similar, it could remind him of the old one.

Nash’s refusal surprised him. Usually so quiet and compliant, Harrier could see that the sin’dorei was troubled by the loss of his necklace — and perhaps moreso by the attempt to replace it. He didn’t want it, he told Harrier. He wanted the old one back. Nash insisted that he could find it. The Harrier didn’t know if he intended to check every neck and jewelry box in the city. Perhaps he did. But it was far too dangerous, especially given that Nash was here in hiding. All it would take was one person seeing him when they shouldn’t, then the guard would arrest him and the whole thing would unravel. Him, Rose, Josie, Pup, the shop — it would all be gone once they tracked down where he’d been staying. They’d ask questions, and figure things out. The guard weren’t always quick at figuring things out, but they got there eventually. He wanted to tell Nash to forget it, to give up the idea, but his mind was already set. They’d all have to deny knowing him if something happened, Nash had to know that, but he didn’t say it aloud.

Nash’s refusal stung, though he told himself he should be used to it by now. No one wants you around, or your stupid gifts. He dropped it back into his pocket, the delicate chain falling like water over it. Nash had said he could give it to Rose instead. He didn’t want to do that, because he was afraid she wouldn’t want it either. And what would he say? I got this for Nash, but he didn’t want it, so it’s yours now. No, that wouldn’t do. She’d see right through him, she always did. Finally Nash said he did want it, but only if it wasn’t a replacement. Why did he have to be so confusing? Things weren’t supposed to get confusing with him. Harrier said he’d leave it on the table beside his bed. Nash wouldn’t be there either. But he wanted Harrier to wait up in case he felt like returning later.

Like that was going to happen. The Harrier laid his ears back and frowned. He had somewhere else to be tonight, too.



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