[OOC] The End of an Alt Era

The Legion pre-patch is downloading on the launcher, which means it’s time to face facts: my alts will be extinct in a couple of weeks. Having played (or rather, not played, given how un-fun it is) the beta, really killed my desire to play a lot of my favorite classes. Whether it’s changes to the way they play, the artifact they’re stuck with for 2+ years, the “fantasy” that’s being forced on them, or a combination of all three, there are a lot of classes I don’t even want to touch when the patch arrives. Sadly, one of these is hunter, a class that I’ve played and enjoyed for 10 years. I’m also really not on board with grinding all expansion for more than one time-sinky legendary artifact. I only got one ring all of WoD; every time I thought about starting another there was just too much nonsense and hoops to jump through — such as having to do proving grounds to even do the heroics, and getting a level 3 garrison and shipyard on every alt. I know some people think they’re neat, but I have no attachment at all to any of the artifacts, so I have no desire to grind out all the steps to get them. The resto druid one is one of the super-generic ones, so most likely I’ll transmog it anyway.

Now, they won’t be deleted — my alts will still be around for RP and storylines. I may do old raids on some of them for transmog stuff, at least the ones I can stand playing. I will keep my main, of course, and I think my worgen Warlock as well, because I did like playing Demonology lock. Maybe a Holy priest, because I’ve waited for years for them to be useful again, but given the grindy nature of the artifacts that’s less likely. The rest of them will be stuck in their garrisons forever — or at least until the end of the expansion. It makes me sad and I’ll surely miss them. It’s also strange being down to only one account. My second one had, until WoD, been subscribed for almost as long as my first, about 9 years.

At least I still have all my space babies, so I won’t have to change the name of my blog 😉


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