[Story] Fairsong Academy – Sora’s Journal

I can’t believe I’m really here. None of it feels real at all, like I’m having a really good dream and I’m going to wake up in my old room at the tower. Except I don’t sleep so I can’t be dreaming. Magister Andarthir wrote a letter to the school and Magister Raleth wrote back, he talked to all the other teachers there and they said it was okay for me to go there. Me! I like to think that Magister Raleth remembered me. There were a lot of people at the wedding, but I was there too. Maybe Lali even helped talk him into it. Either way, I’m happy. I would smile really big if I could. I packed my things into a trunk, mostly just books and magic supplies like bottles and things like that. I guess they probably have some there at the school but I’m used to the ones I have. Magister Raleth came and they talked for a little while. I’m going to study frost magic with him, and arcane magic with another teacher. He was just a student when we were in Dalaran, but he owns the whole school now. He must be really good. I bet I can learn a lot from him. I’m not very good at arcane. Magister Raleth also said there’s elective classes, like enchanting and hawkstrider care. I like to learn new things. I’m most excited about the gardening class. I think I would like that a lot. He said they’re building a greenhouse, so maybe we can grow some of the plants needed for spells and things. That would be a very useful thing to have at a magic school.

I was worried I’d have to live in an old barn or something like that. I mean, my room at the tower was nice, but the whole place was old and crumbly, so it was okay. The school is so fancy, it looks like a huge mansion. I figured they wouldn’t want someone like me living there, but Magister Raleth said I could live in the girls’ building. There is one for the boys, too. They were just built so they’re bright and new, not crumbly at all. I think the girls there were a little surprised to see me. I don’t know if anyone warned them or not. They weren’t mean but they weren’t exactly friendly either. But not mean is okay. Maybe they’ll be nicer later on. It can take some time to get used to me, I think. One girl is studying fire. Maybe I can help her with her homework, I’m good at fire. She’s also interested in gardening, too. We might have that class together. The other girl is an assistant to Magister Hethurin, so I’ll see her in my classes as well. I haven’t seen all the other students yet. Magister Raleth says there’s a lot of undead in the town. I don’t know if he was warning me or suggesting I might like it there. I don’t really like to be around them, I’d rather be around living people, though I guess no one would stare or make faces in the town. It might be okay. I guess I could go get things there if anyone needs them. There’s a butler that does that usually. I’ve never lived anywhere with a butler. That’s pretty fancy.

The girls also said there’s a lot of parties here. I hope I’ll be allowed to go to them. It’s been forever since I’ve been to a party. I guess the wedding was the last one. The Magister didn’t have parties in his tower, he hardly ever went out at all. A lot of times he’d fall asleep while I was doing my practice. The teachers here are all so young. I’m sure none of them will do that. Oh, and I get my own practice room. I had that in the tower of course, because I was the only student, but not at my old school. They can do it here because there’s not too many students. It’s a nice perk. It will be good when I’m practicing frost and being really terrible at it. I hope I can stay here a long time. I like it a lot so far.


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