[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Journal

[[ Just a short one, this week and the next are tough for writing because kids are still home, but I’m trying to at least get something done! I will also be starting on summer art projects next week! ]]

It seems I’ve got myself a new student. True, she’ll be studying with Hethurin as well, but since I’m the one who is taking steps to see that she can attend, I think of her as mine. I’m not sure why I agreed to it, other than I sympathize with her, perhaps. She’ll always be an outsider, not really belonging anywhere. I’m worried about that for Naraleth. I don’t want him to feel like he has nowhere to go. I spoke with Hethurin, he was hesitant at first but eventually agreed to it. I’m aware that I’m her sponsor of sorts, if anything should go wrong it’s me who will be responsible. But I’m certain that it won’t. She studied in Dalaran, and then with the Highborne mage for several years. If she was going to cause trouble, she would have by now. That’s another thing. I’m not especially keen to visit Lali’s former teacher (and his stupid beard) but I’ll need to go and pick her up as she doesn’t know where the school is. I rather doubt it would be a good idea to send her through Silvermoon, either. Hopefully he won’t ask too much about Lali, I don’t expect that he will though – he’s likely still embarrassed about the whole situation too.

My main worry is that she’ll feel too different from the others. It is my hope that she’ll be allowed to stay in the girls’ building with the other students. Hethurin plans to talk to them about it. He said he’d build a whole separate house if he needs to, but I think that would only make her feel more isolated. After all, the rangers work with death knights, and haven’t had any trouble that I’ve heard about, and Sora isn’t a death knight. Just a mage who died during her training.

Being in Shattrath was interesting. It was nice to see it again, I’ve always liked its unique nature, but I always feel on guard there, as if my brother could be around any corner. At least I know he’s unlikely to be in the library, so I feel safe letting Lali stay there to study.

The summer term has started, but it seems most of the students will be staying. We teachers have our work cut out preparing the elective courses. As we’ll soon have a lot of new young students, Hethurin is considering hiring a second general studies instructor. That would let Lali teach the little ones, which she really likes, and perhaps an elective as well. Of course I can’t sign her up for anything without her permission. But maybe she’d like to teach about Kalimdor history or the cows, something like that. One of Hethurin’s plans is to build a greenhouse on the grounds, Ter brought back some manaberry plants and they intend to plant them there. I do hope they do well, it would be wonderful to have fresh manaberries all year round.


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