[Art] Custom FunkoPOPs – Dragon Age

Yay these guys are finally done! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out but they needed a lot of work.


Left to right: Raleth (my Surana Warden), Bear (Mabari), Inquisition Cullen, and Fenris.

Bases used: Grey Worm (Game of Thrones), Brennan Huff (Step Brothers), Black Parade Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

The Mabari and shield were sculpted from scratch. The swords are metal jewelry charms.

Fenris’s face tattoos have glow-in-the-dark paint on them.


Raleth and Beardaguys_ralethbear.jpg

Cullen at the Tower (with Bear)

Raleth and Cullen at the Tower

What did you say about mages?!


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