[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Letter

Dear Mother,

We are here in Shattrath! It’s so strange to think we’re actually on another world. I guess it does feel different, but not that different. Mostly the sky is different, there are hardly any clouds so you can see all of the different moons in the sky. The plants and animals are also different, I don’t know the names of any of them but you can tell just by looking. There are really tall green trees around the city though, so it’s not that different from the school. Des said there are giant moths and spiders out there. I wonder if that’s true or just something they tell people so they don’t go too far out into the forest. Magister Fairsong got everyone their own inn room, we practically have the whole inn. I can’t imagine how much it must have cost. My room is nice, there’s a little bench in the window so you can look out and watch when it gets dark. Because of all the moons I guess, it never really gets very dark though. At first it was hard to sleep but the curtains are good at keeping the light out. They have all kinds of different foods here, they have bowls of fruit put out that you can eat whenever you want to and almost all of them were ones I’d never seen before. Some of them are really good though. One is manaberries, we know about those because we have them back at the school, but I’d never seen them whole before. Terellion is going to go pick a bunch where they grow, and try to bring back some bushes to grow in the garden. I think that’s a great idea, we’d be the only place in the area that grows them. I think they’d probably use magic to keep the greenhouse the right temperature too. Isn’t that clever? I hope I can think of things like that once I’m a magister.

It’s not all fun though, we got an assignment to write a paper. It’s been really hard. I can write a letter okay but a paper is a lot harder! Des said I should just explain the spell like if I was showing it to someone, and I’ve got about a paragraph that way but it has to be much longer than that. Maybe I can put in more words? Felarius is having a hard time too. I don’t even think he knows what spell he wants to do it on. It’s just worrying us a lot because if we don’t do well we might have to leave. I don’t really know if he’d do that but it’s possible. There are lots of things to do here besides writing a paper so it would be nice to see something besides the library! Oh, there are draenei here, do you know what those are? They’re weird blue people with tails and bumpy heads. Oh and they have hooves too. They don’t really come up to the tier where we are, though sometimes I see some in the library. Des said the naaru can see inside your head and read your thoughts. That is scary. I’m trying to only have good thoughts while I’m here. I think they also might have told the other students about me and Felarius. Some of them are acting a little odd, like the boy who was supposed to dance with me and then he was supposed to go to the market with me. He hasn’t, and then last night he suddenly didn’t want to eat with us anymore. He said it was because of Felarius’s gross food, but I’m not sure. Why would someone tell them? I definitely think it was those naaru things. Felarius said it’s because he’s scared of girls, but there’s lots of girls at the school so I don’t think so.

Maybe one day you could visit too. There’s all kinds of weird foods at the restaurant, like clefthoof. I’m not sure what that is but it sure tastes good. The sandwich is my favorite thing there so far. I also like the tallstrider leg. It’s like a hawkstrider I guess, but people eat them here. They also have all kinds of good desserts. Don’t order the thing that Felarius got, he said it was too hard to eat and also it had six legs.



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