[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I can’t believe the day is finally here! Keyalenn and I moved into the little house. Oh, it’s so perfect! The builders did such a good job. I’ll have to thank them next time I see them around the school. There are two practice rooms, and one big study with two desks, one for each of us. And there’s a huge tub in the bathroom, and tons of cabinets in the kitchen — neither of us really know how to cook and we’ll probably mostly eat at the school but I think it will be fun to learn anyway. Or if it’s late at night and we don’t want to go down to the school for a snack. I want to have parties and invite everyone over! All of the rooms are painted in different shades of blue, it’s just beautiful. We still need to hang up the curtains and unpack everything. It’s a little chaotic right now. I didn’t bring that much with me, just my trunk and books from my room, but there’s tons of space to put things. I guess I will need to get more robes! Maybe some little decorations and things, for the living room. I’ll look when we go on our trip to Shattrath. Keyalenn told me there’s a market there with all sorts of unusual things, it sounds perfect for decorating! I can’t wait to go. I’ve heard about the library there too, that’s really the main reason we are going but the Magister always lets the students have some free time.

I want to invite my parents to come over one night, too. They’ve met Keyalenn briefly but I am sure they’d like to get to know him better, and I want to show off our little house! I suppose they’ll notice there’s only one bedroom but I’m sure they figured that out already. I mean, we are going to get married after I finish school. It’s going to be difficult to study sometimes though, I’m sure of it. I was already distracted by him before but now it’s even worse because I can remember instead of just imagining. At least we’re able to be together at night now. That’s the nicest part, just finally being able to be together all the time. He’s so sweet and caring and handsome. He’s even thinking about teaching a music class at the school, on top of the frost lessons. I do think it’s a good idea, he has ideas about all sorts of classes people could do, like hawkstrider husbandry and wood carving and cooking and gardening. It would certainly make the school more well-rounded and appealing to students. I can’t think of any magic school in the city that has all of those things. I just hope Keyalenn won’t be too busy in the evenings!

I wonder if there could be a class about ghosts? Most of it is just theory really though, there’s no way to prove or disprove anything about ghosts, because they are such willful things. Every ghost is different and even then the same ghost can act different depending on its mood. I’d definitely like to make a book about the ghosts here on the grounds, though. Maybe the Magister could add it into the library. I’ve drawn up the family tree of the ones I know about. There are supposed to be more in the woods. Now that I can go out at night, I might try to find out more about those ones. The weather is warm now too, I want to go out walking with Keyalenn. We can walk on the beach or in the woods, and a bit later we’ll be able to go swimming. Everything is so perfect! I’m sure glad my parents made me go to that party in Silvermoon after all.


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