[Story] Story a Week 20

[[ Prompt: A story written in 2nd person narrative.

This one was tough, I really don’t enjoy this perspective very much and I was stumped as to what to write about. I once had a very vivid dream of being a dragon, and this was kind of inspired by that, I guess. ]]

You awake in a cave. It smells ancient, of minerals and cool water. You can hear it dripping somewhere behind you. You stir, and you sense that your body is much larger than you expected, coiled over itself on the stone floor. You hear the whisper of scales against the rock’s surface. You rise, feeling the muscles tense and coil. Your claws clack with each step as you move toward the cave’s entrance, the light almost blinding in its intensity.

The air is sweet and smells of greenery, carried on a breeze that sweeps past the cave. You are high on a mountainside, and you can see down into the valley, into the village beyond. The houses look sturdy, but humble. The forest below you is dense and green, the ground hardly visible through the canopy of branches. Birds and squirrels chirr busily among the branches, unaware of your presence.

You step out onto the crag, your claws gripping onto the rough stone. Here you spread your wings, feeling the sun warm the leathery skin. You have only one fleeting moment of doubt as you leap from the mountainside, that one moment before your wings catch the air and pull you aloft. You are strong, skilled at flying. It takes little effort to keep you aloft, gliding over the trees that rush past below you. The wind is invigorating, and you want to go higher. Pointing your muzzle toward the sky, you flap your great wings, feeling the rush of air beneath them as you ascend. Not even the birds dare fly this high, this sky is yours alone. You can see what seems like the entire countryside from here.

Your belly rumbles. You haven’t eaten, and you’re suddenly aware of how hungry you are. You survey the village, but you sense it would be dangerous to attack them. They would surely seek you out if you took a villager, and you’re not big enough to defend against an entire mob. Soaring over a hilltop into the next valley, you see a herd of sheep grazing. Their shepherd is nowhere in sight. It’s far easier prey than you are accustomed to, one dive and you clutch the sheep in your claws, carrying your bleating prize to a safe spot to eat. It’s only one sheep, surely the villagers will allow you that. Its meat is warm and rich, and it’s enough to fill your belly for now. Sated, you stretch out upon the warm rock to sun yourself. The light plays over your shimmering scales, and you tuck your muzzle beneath one of your coils to rest.


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