[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Letter

Dear Mother,

How did you like our first fancy party? I bet it was fancier than most of the ones in the city. I still can’t believe how much food they made! Tik and Terellion must have been cooking for weeks beforehand. I like how all the foods were like little miniature versions, like the tiny sandwiches and tiny cakes. And of course the rolls. I’d heard about those beforehand, so I knew I had to try them out. They weren’t kidding! It sounds kind of gross to put fish inside a roll but they were really good. There was some kind of cream or something inside. I even tried a little wine. I know, I shouldn’t have, but Zalindri kept saying how good it was and I wanted to try it. But then she said I should be careful because of how strong it is. I don’t want to drink too much by accident and look bad. I don’t want to get sent home for drinking too much. The Magister is already checking up on us, I’m sure that means he’s also watching us closely. I’m sure if a rich kid did it, that would be okay, but not if I did. That’s just how things are, I understand. I don’t know much about wine, but it tasted pretty good. I didn’t finish all of it.

I didn’t get to dance. I guess that boy forgot or he got too nervous or I think maybe someone told him. I don’t know who it might have been. Maybe Zalindri. I think she’s a little annoyed with me, because of what I said about her fiance. I just think it doesn’t sound like he is very interested in her, if he won’t even take a few hours to come and see her. I wouldn’t like being married to someone who didn’t even write me letters or anything. But maybe that’s how arranged marriages are supposed to be, I don’t know. But then, she did dance with me a little bit. I think I didn’t dance very well, but as far as I know I didn’t step on her feet, so that’s good. She also told me that the two girls that Magister Fairsong adopted are both from the Row. Can you imagine? I’ll admit to being a little jealous. Not about being an orphan, of course, but getting adopted to live someplace like this. I’m glad they won’t have to live on the Row. I guess I won’t have to either, at least for a while. Magister Firewind said if you want to, you could live here at the school. It would be longer to get to your job, but there’s dragonhawks. It’s something to think about anyway. You’d be safer and you could keep an eye on me!

You looked so beautiful in your new dress! I saw you were talking a lot to Magister Firewind. I hope it was mostly good things. I’m trying really hard in my lessons and I hope he can see that.



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