[Screenshots] SWTOR – Chapter 13

[Edit: It was 13?? Whoops! ]

I really enjoyed this chapter, it was a nice change from all the serious stuff and a very Smuggler-ish story even though there aren’t any Smuggler companions in it. Of course, I was also excited to get Vette back! While I’m not a huge fan of Gault, he and Vette both had some really great lines and interactions. I played this chapter first with my Sith Warrior for that reason, also because he was my “guinea pig” for some of the choices I made in the last one. There are a few of Kazta in the last scene, because it was an unexpectedly emotional one. I just wish they’d given her a Trooper-specific line or two.

His eyes are still bugged, which is annoying :/

Screenshots below the cut, possible spoilers.


Their reunion was pretty good. I feel like Jorgan’s voice actor set the bar impossibly high so maybe it’s a little unfair to compare. It just didn’t seem quite as emotional, but it was still good. I liked when he said he dreamed of her, awww.

Why would you do this to my poor kitty 😦


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