[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Kuul has been helping me with the investigation. Mostly he’s been filing papers, which can’t be very interesting but he seems happy to do it. I was able to get some information from the Spire but it’s not very well organized so we are working on that. His handwriting isn’t very good but he can put things in the right folders. He is working on it, though. I asked him if he might not want to learn magic one day at the school, but he said he’s too old. I don’t know if that’s really the case, but maybe he’s just not interested, I know I’m not. Then I suggested that maybe he could go to the rangers, I know their captain will train people and someone from the Row already went there and he’s doing fine as far as I know. Kuul said that he would rather be a blood knight. That’s not easy. I didn’t want to discourage him, but I think it might be really difficult for someone from the Row. It’s one of those places in the city where your name is important. But they let me join, so I guess if he’s good enough it won’t matter. Or if no sons from rich families are trying out during that time. He wants me to train him. I had to make sure he meant actual training and not something else. I guess I could do it, I’ve never trained anyone before but it could be helpful for me too. Then he could go during one of the trials and hopefully impress them enough. I think he should make up a fake name and a mysterious background. They’d probably like that more than the Row. I am going to give him one of my old swords that isn’t very good. It will be fine for practice.

He’s the one who is actually on the Row a lot of the time, and hears things. It’s still so frustrating to me that people don’t trust me and won’t talk to me like they do to him. I guess I can understand why, but I’m actually trying to help them. Making it more difficult doesn’t help, it’s already difficult enough. A lot of times proper records aren’t kept so we haven’t been able to identify the man who rented the building yet. And evidently he never paid taxes either, which doesn’t surprise me too much. Kuul has been telling the workers to keep an eye out for him. I don’t know if that will do much, because they were before and someone still went missing. The need to eat has to over-ride the need for caution eventually. I thought about making a signal they could use if they were in danger, something like a code word that wouldn’t tip off the murderer. Then they could alert people around them if they felt something was off. Kuul seemed to like the idea. Hopefully it’ll catch on, and actually help. But if the murderer takes them somewhere isolated, it still won’t save anyone. I feel like that kid dying is my fault. I should have stopped it somehow. I don’t want any more to die.

Things are okay at home, though Kavia keeps coming over. Aeramin keeps trying to invite her to stay over, or he asks if I want him to leave the room. I still think they should spend more time together. I did try asking about Lyorri and that didn’t go very well either. But I guess Kestrae and Ordinicus have finally adopted her, and changed her name away from Pumpkinhead. Arancon must have been steaming mad about that, I wish I could have seen it. Serves him right though.


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