[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Letter

Dear Mother,

I told you to stop worrying about the school! They aren’t going to sell us or anything. If they were they wouldn’t have bothered to hire all those people to act like teachers and students. Did you see how I’ll have my own practice room? I’m really excited about that. I think my room is bigger than our whole house at home. I know some people live in the houses on the grounds, maybe they would let you do that too? I could ask if you want. But then I don’t know what jobs they have out here, mostly everyone in the town is dead. Or undead, you know. I think working in the city is probably better than working with dead people.

Monday was my first day of classes. I was soooo nervous about it but it helped a little when I talked to Magister Firewind. He’s the one who is from the Row. I bet you’d probably recognize him, he has really bright orange curly hair, it’s very unique. He talked to Felarius and I and he told us we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for things, and also to tell him if anyone was causing trouble for us. I’m not sure if I really would, because obviously they would know who told, but so far everyone’s been really nice so maybe it won’t even be a problem. Of course I don’t think they know where we are from, except for Des. Some of them are definitely rich, one was talking about how she went to a private school in Silvermoon. But others I think might just be from the city, not the Row but not the rich parts either.

So we’re starting to learn magical theory, which is good because it’s a lot easier when there’s a teacher you can ask questions and have them explain things to you. In the book there’s diagrams and things but the way they said it made a lot more sense. I am sure I’ll get better much more quickly now. Oh and we get private lessons with our teachers, which is really great. I’m going to be a magister in no time at all! Well, maybe not, Des has been here for years since the school started. I didn’t ask how long the scholarship was for. I hope it’s long enough that I can finish my classes. She also said they sometimes take trips to Outland. There’s a big library there that sometimes the students can visit, and also shops. I don’t know about buying things but Des said the Headmaster would give us money. I’d probably just keep it and buy one small thing to eat or something.

Speaking of eating, I’m going to get so fat here! The food is so amazing, it’s the best food I ever ate. I can’t wait for the party so you can come eat some of it. I mean I know we had lunch but the dinner is even better, and there’s cakes baked every day. I have to stop myself from eating three plates full every night, though secretly I think Tik likes it when I ask for more. Tik is the butler, if you remember. I can’t believe I’m in a place that has a butler! It’s so weird to write that.

Magister Firewind said I should go see the healer in town. He said it like just for a check-up, but I don’t want to go to a healer, there’s nothing wrong with me! Also I’d have to tell her where I’m from and that would be embarrassing. The others said she’s nice, which I’m sure she is, but you know how people are. There’s also a confessor who I guess you are supposed to tell all the bad things you’ve done. Nice try! I’m not admitting to anything. I haven’t done anything bad since coming here and it’s going to stay that way, so I don’t need to talk to him.



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