[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

Our house is going to be ready so soon! I can hardly believe it. Every day I go and look to see how far they are, and every day it’s closer. Of course, there’s a lot to do on the inside once the outsides are done, such as the floors and walls. But it’s actually looking like a house instead of just a bunch of wood and stone. Keyalenn and I have gone shopping for some of the things we’ll need. It turns out there’s more than you think! Things for the kitchen and bathroom and all of that. It’s expensive, thankfully his parents gave him money for it. Mostly everything is blue so far, because he likes it. The builders are going to make the rooms all different shades, he already gave them the little scraps of paint to show the right color. It still feels strange to think I’ll have my own house soon, I don’t feel old enough to! But I’m happy about it. I’ll still want to study with the others during the day I think, then I can spend evenings with Keyalenn. I bought some mageroyal tea already too. I was so embarrassed I thought I would die! The lady said I need to start drinking it a couple of weeks before, so I’ve started already. I feel like everyone knows and they’re looking at me. I’m sure Tik knows. I’m a little nervous about that, too. Well, a lot nervous. The only person I know I can ask about it is Des and she isn’t very specific. I tried reading some books but they aren’t very realistic, I think. I suppose I could go to Lani and ask her.

Oh, we have two new students. They’re both a bit younger, still taking some general classes. I haven’t talked to the boy but the girl seems nice. She’s still trying to learn her way around and staring at everything, I remember being like that! I hope there’s a ball soon so they can see how nice they are. It’s getting warm enough now that it could be outdoors, so long as it doesn’t rain. The new girl is staying in Xarola’s old room, which might be a little lonely since there aren’t many people in the main house now. I hope the headmaster finds more students so she has someone to talk to. I also feel a little guilty leaving the others behind in the new house. I’ll come to visit them.

The ghosts have not been very active lately. I’ve not had very many signs of contact from them. I wonder if they prefer the colder weather? I am still keeping my notes about what they do and when. It’s strange but I miss them a little, is it possible to miss ghosts? I wonder if they ever miss anyone. I suppose they miss people from when they were alive.


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