[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Letter

Dear Mother,

I am writing to you, just as you asked, from my new room at the school. I don’t have to share it with anyone, but it’s really big! A lot of people could sleep in here if they needed to. There’s a huge bed with about a hundred pillows, and a big wooden closet to put my clothes in. Also there’s some dressers, and a trunk. I don’t have near enough things to fill all of them, so it feels a little empty right now, but it’s okay. Do you see how fancy this paper is? They bought me a whole stack of notebooks, one for every subject plus some extra ones. I mentioned that I wanted to write letters to you and they got me an extra one. Oh, there’s another student too. He’s also from the row. I remember him from my school. I guess the Headmaster decided to give him a scholarship, too. I hope it’s not just some kind of contest to decide which of us is better. He’s nice enough but I’m not letting him take my spot! Can you imagine just being able to give away that much money without even thinking about it? I can’t.

They took us to the shops in Silvermoon, I mean the really fancy ones near the bank, you know the ones? We were both a little nervous about going in there, the people who work there just know somehow. I didn’t want them to follow us around and watch us like we were going to steal something. At least he understands what it’s like. Des — that’s the assistant, she also helps teach arcane classes — didn’t even know what we were talking about. Of course she wouldn’t, because she’s not from the Row. Anyway, I think the shop people were wary at first but once the gold came out they were all smiles. I guess they buy all the robes for their new students there, so they get a lot of business. And it was serious gold, too. I found one robe I liked right away, and I went to try it on in the little room in the back and I snuck a look at the price. It looked perfect on me and it was so nice and smooth, but it cost more than all the money I’d saved up for mage school. For one robe! So I put it back and Des (that’s the girl) asked me why, and I said it cost too much. But she told me it was fine and she got it, and they bought three others too. And they bought them for the other kid too. It’s unreal, like I’m in a dream or something. I thought my dream of going to mage school would happen one day, but this is like from a book or something crazy.

I’m really anxious to meet the fire teacher. For one, because I’m most interested in fire, and also because he is from the Row too. I want to ask him about how it is and stuff. Don’t worry, nothing personal. But I feel like he might be a good person to ask about things if I get worried or whatever. I’m nervous about meeting the other students. I’m sure they are nice but they’re going to know where we are from, too. Somehow people always know. I am scared they’re going to make fun of us or call us names or something. Or at least talk about us behind our backs. Oh! And the school is haunted. There are ghosts in some of the rooms. I haven’t seen one yet but that’s what Des said. She said one of the other students tries to talk to them and studies them. That’s kind of neat. There are also big spiders in the summer, umm, I hope none try to come into my room. I guess they’re no worse than rats, and I know how to deal with those.

You can still come to visit this weekend. You’re going to just love it. Maybe you can stay in my room! Ha ha, just joking.



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