[OOC] Sewing Summer Plans

As every summer, I had a lot of projects planned. During the school year I really don’t have the time to sew like crazy. I just found out that I’ll only have two months though, maybe even less, depending on when I need to go pick kids up from their grandparents’. So this is my highly unrealistic list of what I want to get done. I suspect one or more of these projects will have to be delayed until later, though.

  • Sew, of course. I have ideas for 3 or 4 plush, none patterned yet but I’ve started sketches for one.
  • Clean up and update my website so I can use it to sell things. This one is tough, I don’t know how to write code.
  • More custom POPs. I’ve started my druid and have ideas for a few more. These are possible to do during the school year, though.
  • Learn needle-felting. I have a kit already from last year!
  • Try my hand at reborn dolls. I recently bought one and I want to try making my own. There are tons of tutorials out there so I don’t think it would be too difficult, just very time consuming.

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