[Art] Kazta and Kif POPs

Finally done! Two more custom POPs, one of my SWTOR character — Kazta the Zabrak Trooper, and Mr Hare’s — Kif’et the Twi’lek Smuggler. These two were more challenging, especially Kif’s lekku (head thingys). The method I thought up to sculpt them didn’t work and they ended up a lot messier and heavier than I intended. I’d really like to do more Twi’lek characters, but I’ll have to figure out a better way to make those first!

Kazta uses the same base as Aric, GI Joe Roadblock. Kif used Luke Hobbs from Fast and Furious. Both of whom were played by the Rock, which is kind of funny, but bald characters make better bases for customizing 🙂

I still have my blank base one that I intend to use to make my WoW druid, Ornasse. He’s a lot of sculpting though so he’s a bit scary!


Havoc Squad!



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