[Screenshots] SWTOR Chapter 12

It’s Spring Break so we have been busy doing all kinds of fun things!  I will try to get my weekly story done tomorrow though.

Chapter 12 came out today and I was able to play it after dinner. As a non-Force-user, I’m a little iffy on this one and not sure how it’s going to play out. I guess we’ll see. Either way, it’s still light-years ahead of time-traveling orcs so there’s that.

I did my best to avoid anything too spoilery, which means most of these are just screenshots of Kazta. I don’t mind too much though! Again these are in incorrect order because WordPress makes it too much of a pain to move images around.

In one part of the quest I “tamed” a wild animal to fight with me. I picked the lizard looking one, of course.

And two neat UI updates in this chapter: Jorgan graduated to “main character” in the companion menu, and I now have the “Colonel” title available in-game. Nice!


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