[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I finally got the plans finished for the stable! It took a little while because it’s a very busy time for the builders right now, they’re drafting up all the plans and gathering supplies that they will need to start work in a few weeks. I know they’re doing the houses on the school grounds first, but they like to have all the plans done ahead of time so they can schedule things better. Also I think they won’t really have time for that once it’s summer. I’m sure Gael probably helped with them, that’s strange to think about, but he didn’t say anything about it. It’s just a stable anyway, nothing weird about that. It’s only for Blinky and perhaps a hawkstrider or two, so it’s small. There are four stalls and two small storage rooms, one on either side of the walkway. I was so excited to see Sunashe’s expression when I showed him! I think maybe he forgot that we talked about it though, or he couldn’t tell what it was from the drawing. That could be, the drawing doesn’t really look like a stable — it’s like a graph of everything and the measurements. But once I told him he was really excited, it was nice. We talked about maybe getting a pair of hawkstriders too, then we could go riding together. I’d like that a lot. I feel so guilty sometimes when I think about almost missing all of this with him, from misunderstandings or my own foolishness. I’m glad I didn’t.

We talked about the new recruits too, well I suppose they aren’t so new anymore. He thinks they’re ready for patrols soon, as long as the captain agrees. We’ll have to move the teams around again, most likely. Sunashe is still unhappy that the other death knight won’t use a bow at all. A lot of them, including Orledin, don’t use a bow on their patrols, but they at least have it with them and know how to use it if need be. I think that’s good enough. But this one doesn’t want to practice at all, because he says it’ll make a crease in his fingers. It’s supposed to do that! Whoever heard of a ranger without a bow crease?

As for the rest of the gold, I am not sure if I want to keep it in the city or just in a locked chest at home. In the city, it would be a lot more difficult to spend it and would probably be safer, but what if something happens there? I wouldn’t even know until it was too late. I think we should save it to maybe get a larger house one day, you know, if we need it. We don’t yet, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I don’t think Im will be able to buy a house, but he plans to find a place to rent in the city. I am not sure why, because Aeramin will have a fit again if he stays away for even one night, but I suppose he can do what he wants with it, it’s his money. I do wish he’d spend more time with our mother though. She’s going to be returning to her work with the professor soon, but she’s promised to write to me. I’ll miss having her nearby.


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