[OOC/Screenshots] Legion: Definite Maybes

I haven’t spent very much time on the beta alpha at all. I feel overwhelmingly negative about most of the changes, and I’ve just really lost interest in WoW in general. On top of that, Legion runs really poorly on my potato of a computer and I’m not sure what I’ll do about that. But, since I read that Marksman hunters will be getting the option to have a pet back, I fired it up again and tried out a couple of the other classes that interested me, but weren’t in last time I played.

First, I don’t think the pet ability is in yet, or at least I didn’t see it. I’ll have to try again once it is.

In my other post I said there are certain classes I won’t be bothering with in Legion, because I don’t like how they play anymore, and/or I dislike the “class fantasy”. In the case of my alt druids, I find the remodeled forms and especially the artifact forms so awful and ridiculous that I can’t even stand to look at them.

But I did try out Demonology Warlock, Prot Paladin, and Holy Priest. I’m not a theorycrafter or a math person (like, at all) so I can only base my opinion on my feeling of the spec and how it plays. Also, if the artifact grind is remotely as bad as the ring, I won’t be playing alts with any regularity in Legion. If that’s the case, they’ll just get their artifacts and stop there.


The skull was the only artifact that I had any interest in all in getting. Because, quite honestly, I think it’s hilarious. I guess that’s as good a reason as any. But I also enjoy the spec a lot more without metamorphosis, I think the additional demons are fun and work a lot better than BM does with its pets stampeding around. It required a fair amount of health/mana juggling with life tap and drain life, but I found that interesting. I didn’t finish the scenario, because it was the same boss that stomped me a dozen times last time when I tried Affliction. I’ll wait and beat my head on it when it’s live.

The skull follows you around, it looks pretty funny. Guess I’ll have to get Uldred his green fire if I plan to play him more.


Prot Paladin was actually the only one I’ve tried so far that I didn’t feel completely weak while fighting enemies. I didn’t try tanking, but I think he’ll do just fine for questing and soloing old things, which is what I usually use alts for anyway. It did feel a little lacking in buttons, but I suppose there are more on the artifact. I like the removal of holy power, and he gets a mana-free heal on a short cooldown? Okay, not complaining.

It does really highlight the discrepancy between the artifact lore, though. With paladins, there’s the legendary Ashbringer and… then some shield we made up that no one has ever heard of before. It’s very inconsistent and one of my chief complaints about the whole system.

I’ve always preferred holy to disc priest, but for many years it’s been the sucky, neglected younger brother. It still is in a way, because barely anyone is testing it right now. I didn’t try it in a dungeon or raid (and I also haven’t tried disc) but it felt pretty good to play so far. The damage seemed pretty good too, unlike resto druid. It’s interesting that they have some abilities to boost other healers, and lots of nice AoE heals as well. Perhaps they’ll shine in large group content again.


I still need to give Mistweaver a try. I enjoy mine on live, but I’m not very good with him. I’m hoping the removal of chi will make things a bit simpler.



One Response to [OOC/Screenshots] Legion: Definite Maybes

  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I know it’s still early and those first impressions are strong.
    I’ve been reading up some and have decided that a lot will hinge on the pre-expansion patch. That will be when I can test the play style as designed for Legion and consider if I want to move forward with that class!

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