[OOC/Screenshots] Heros of the Storm

I recently re-installed this to give another crack at getting the Graves pet another shot. (Which, looking at the WoWHead link, is I think from a map that no longer exists. But anyway!) I was actually in the alpha for this, and while it was okay, I never played it much because the only hero I had access to was Raynor from StarCraft.

It’s a free game, and they don’t even give you any starter heroes for free, which I think is kind of cruddy. Though I own Cho’gall from BlizzCon or something, you can’t play him without someone else.


The only ones I actually own are the ones without the logo in the upper left. But they do rotate every week which ones are free to try out, presumably to get you to buy them. I bought my Malfurion with gold that I had still left over from alpha/beta. The gold gain is pretty grindy. I’m playing versus AI on the easiest difficulty and I get a whopping ten gold per win. That’s ten. Heroes cost 2,000 – 10,000.


You do, however, get bonuses for leveling up. In this case I got 500 gold for getting Malfurion to level 5. I’m actually kind of excited about getting him to level 6 so I can use his portrait. According to the forums he’s a really cruddy hero (and he’s apparently super hated on Tumblr???) but I like him a lot. He’s a support so he can heal people and root. In general I find the hero selection pretty lacking, like do we really need three different orcs? And three different protoss? I tried out Li Li, and while she was okay to play, I cannot get over my seething hatred of her (and her stupid comments). Same with E.T.C. It’s a neat concept (basically a bard) and I had fun playing him, but I can’t get over the RAWR HORDE theme. I suppose in the future there might be more heroes that interest me, but right now I’m gonna stick with Malfurion. I do want to try Kael when he’s on free week and I may end up buying him, but dang they are expensive. I think he costs around 7 bucks.

I guess it’s because I don’t play this type of game much, but I don’t really get the appeal of the skins either. You can barely even see your character in the game? I mean, look how tiny he is in this screenshot. I’m the one with the yellow bar. Can you see what I look like? Not really. (You can also see just how bad the AI player is, haha.)


It’s a good time-waster when I have 15 minutes or so, pointless killing stuff except that I can sorta-kinda be a druid at the same time. I really can’t see myself playing it too much past that, I think. Grinding to level 20 already seems kind of daunting when I’m only level 8. Granted, I’m not playing it the way you are supposed to — I think with friends it might be a bit more fun at least.

I also feel like I’m kind of past the target demographic, it tries very hard to be “cool” but it really just comes off as juvenile most of the time. Especially a lot of the things the characters say, E.T.C. was super cringeworthy.



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