[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

It’s still cold at night, but it’ll be spring soon. Tik and I have been working hard to get the gardens ready. We trimmed all of the old dead branches, and planted some new things and the little buds are starting to poke out of the dirt, as well as bloom on the tree branches. It’s pretty. I hope we’ll have an outside party soon, usually the afternoons are warm enough unless it rains that day, which you can’t really know ahead of time. Hethurin said we’re coming up on one year since Malwen visited. I can’t believe I didn’t remember the day of that! I’m not really good with days though, I should write it down though so I don’t forget last year. I’m writing it in here, but a calendar would be better. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year already, it seems like they just arrived. Narise has grown a lot though. We were trying to think of ideas for presents. It’s hard because Malwen already has so many dolls that another one wouldn’t be that special. I thought about getting her a doll house for them to live in. She could put it into her secret room — though I’m not sure how we’d get it in there.

Narise isn’t easy either because she’s still a baby and can’t tell us what she likes or doesn’t like. I mean, she might be the kind of girl who doesn’t like playing with dolls at all, so she wouldn’t really like that gift. At this point, I don’t know if she really knows either, we could probably just get her a paper box to play in and she’d like that. Of course we wouldn’t, but you know. Then I thought about a riding hawkstrider, like the ones that rock back and forth. Hethurin liked that idea but he thought it should be a dragon. I guess that would be fine as long as it isn’t too spiky, it still needs to be safe. We were thinking maybe Rylad’s grandfather could make them for us, if he’s not too busy. If not there are other shops in the city, but it would be nice to hire someone we know.

Hethurin wants to help the kids on Murder Row, too. During the summer we’re going to set up some tents and take them fishing and teach them how to do things like make a fire. While it all sounds fun, and I agree they’d like it, I just worry about what’s going to happen when they have to leave and go back to their old life on the Row. I think it’ll make everything seem much worse once they’ve had a taste of something else, but Hethurin thinks they already know it’s bad. I don’t know. I have a feeling he might just try to adopt some of them too. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea, but a lot of those kids probably have problems. I guess Aeramin wants us to get a room at the inn for someone he knows from there, so he can work for Im trying to solve the murders. That’s kind of a strange job, but I’m sure it’s better than what he was doing before. I don’t know why I have to do it, and Hethurin is worried that the guy might be trying to “work” out of his room. I kind of think that won’t be a problem considering almost everyone in the town is undead. Also I don’t really think it’s my business, and it’s not like I would be able to stop him if he really wanted to anyway, unless I was going to sit outside the door the whole time (which I’m not). Hopefully he’s friendly, but not THAT kind of friendly, and I’ll be done soon.


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