[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I think all of this might have been a mistake. But of course now it’s too late to do anything about it, Kavia came over and Aeramin cooked dinner and they talked about things. Mostly about her staying here. And I can’t say anything now because I’d just look like a jerk. Maybe I’m right and they’ll like each other and won’t notice I’m even there. I went to see Lin and I talked her into giving me some of the money. She made sure to scold me soundly, since I kept saying I didn’t want any and now I’m changing my mind, so I did deserve it. She wouldn’t give me the full half, because she said she was the one who went to all the hearings and did all the papers, but that’s fair. I don’t need half, I just need enough that I can get my own place if I need to. I put it into the bank. Nobody else knows about it, besides Lin of course. She’s having the builders make a stable near their cabin for the lizard or whatever, it’s supposed to be a surprise for Sunashe.

I’m just tired of being caught in the middle of all of this. It shouldn’t matter to me because it doesn’t really affect me, but it does because it affects Aeramin. His father’s being a complete ass and threatening to take Lyorri away from her parents if they don’t do exactly as he says. How can he even have the right to do that, he’s not her father. He keeps saying it’s because he is her grandfather, but that’s not the same. Then he starts getting on me and asking how I’d feel if my father abandoned me. You mean like he actually did? I know exactly what it feels like, thanks. Aeramin’s not doing that, I do wish he’d be a little more involved but I guess he feels like he can’t do that right now and that’s his choice. She’ll still know who he is and get to see him sometimes, which is a lot more than we got. Kavia was agreeing with him, I guess because they patrol together. I couldn’t believe she’d do that. Lyorri has parents who love her and take good care of her, they aren’t washed-up old drunks who don’t even have their own place to live. Again, I guess I shouldn’t really care but I do. That kid didn’t ask to be in the middle of all of this either and I do want what’s best for her, it also makes me mad when people are jerks to Aeramin for no reason.

Though I don’t know, maybe they did have reason. He was weird when I got back, like he said he was bored while I was gone. Couldn’t he read a book or something? I didn’t know it was my job to keep him entertained all the time. I guess he drank a lot and went to the rangers’ and slept in the mens’ quarters. Whether anything happened, I don’t know. I didn’t ask. But Arancon made a big deal about it. I’m also supposed to meet with that kid from the Row, because he has a lead or something. I don’t know what is the point, even if I stop that one guy, there will be someone else to take his place. I’m not going to be able to fix all the Row’s problems by myself, and most of the people there hate me or at least mistrust me anyway. Why am I spending so much time and effort to help people who hate me? I don’t know.


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