[Story] Thorns – Ironforge

I took Nash with me to Ironforge. I said the reason was to get some engineering supplies that aren’t available in Stormwind, which isn’t really true, but she didn’t ask either way. They have some other interesting things too, mainly gems that you can get in bulk for cheaper. But the real reason is that I hadn’t been there in forever, and I wanted him to get to see it. We’d been talking about it a lot, and I guess it made me a little homesick. It was the first place I came in the Eastern Kingdoms, and I have good memories from there. It’s comfortable, and there’s lots of good ale. I was a little worried about Nash being spotted; dwarves are shorter than humans and they could look up and notice he doesn’t belong. But he’s good at blending in, he’s done it for years in Stormwind and did it here too. I did lend him some goggles to wear, just in case. Nothing out of place about goggles there. But for the most part, people don’t notice anything out of place there either, even if it’s right in front of them. If you look like you belong there, people will just assume that you do. And Nash just looks like a young human, I said he was my apprentice but I guess they could have thought he was my kid or something. That’s a bit weird.

He liked the shops, though I’m sure he wasn’t as interested in the machines as I was. The thing that surprised me most was how much he liked the forge. I guess because it’s warm, but it’s also mesmerizing to watch the molten metal flow through like lava. I admit I used to sit and watch it, too.  He liked the ale too, though I think he was a little weirded out by the decor in the inn. Having guns and stuffed pig heads is pretty weird, he has a point there. I said we should get one for the house, but I was joking. I can’t think of why anyone would want a dead pig head staring at you all the time, especially while you sleep. I’ve stayed in that same inn plenty of times, almost every inn in Ironforge has its own special ale that they brew, then they carry others as well. Theirs I especially liked, and it’s not too far from the center of the city so it’s easy to get places. I told Nash about the museum and he seemed kind of interested in that, I said we could go the next day. I hadn’t originally planned to stay two days, but I don’t think anyone will even notice to be honest. I’m caught up with orders so it’s not like she needs me there all the time right now.

I still can’t really figure him out. Like he wanted to know who I stayed here with before, and whether they were hired or not. A couple were, but most weren’t. It was a long time ago, and it didn’t mean anything, I mean it’s not like I spoke to them after or anything. So why is he trying to make me feel guilty about it? I mean I don’t, really, otherwise I would have lied but I think that would be worse. I always tell the truth because it’s easier to remember than what lie you told to who. Plus I usually don’t see any reason to, if someone doesn’t like what I say they probably would have found out eventually, and then be mad that I lied on top of that. So that was a little weird, but the rest of the trip was nice. There’s a fireplace in each room, along with the ale I already mentioned. Dwarves have small tubs so you kind of have to take turns, but still not bad. He liked the museum a lot too, for the most part. There was a high elf thing to look at stars, and a dragon skull and some other skeletons too, he liked those. He said the ancient pottery and stuff were boring. I guess maybe they were a little. I wonder what people in the future will keep of ours to put into museums, like a hair brush or something.


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