[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I finally got a chance to take Kavia on our trip, we’re at the island which I know is a little cliche, but it’s a bit too early for the proper season yet, so it’s actually really quiet. Plus I didn’t know where else to take her, I don’t know if she’d enjoy having to sleep out, and the places I went with Aeramin just didn’t seem right. It’s already awkward enough. Sometimes I think it’s going great and then others she’ll say something that makes me thing she’s not sure at all. She told me she’d never done any of this, which made me worried that she meant any of it, but she meant going on a trip with someone. Her boyfriends must not have been very nice if they never took her on a trip. I was about to say I hadn’t either, because I hadn’t with any girls, but I guess I have with Aeramin. That was different though, because he was the one doing the pursuing, and I was the one unsure about all of it. But I can’t really say that. I don’t want to talk about him during the trip at all, but somehow he always comes up. I also worry about him being home alone. He said it’s fine and he doesn’t mind, but what if he’s sleeping in the basement all alone, or doing things with his demons, or even putting a hole in the roof again? Maybe he’ll invite Julan over. Or Orledin. I guess it would be fair since I’m on a trip with someone.

Not as much has happened as I’d hoped, but we still have a few days yet. For now I’m enjoying all of the sights, and our fancy room. It’s even fancier than the school, if you can believe that. There’s a really big tub and they have the little soaps and oils and salts to put in — I wanted to use that the first night but Kavia didn’t. Well she did, but she went alone. That’s not what it’s for! There’s a fireplace, I built a fire which kind of took a while because normally Aeramin just makes one in a second. But eventually I got it going, and that was nice. There’s a little menu so you can order food and wine and they’ll bring it right to your room. We got that, I had this seafood thing that wasn’t cooked, which sounds kind of odd but it was actually really good. I’m going to suggest it to Hethurin, so he can use all those fish he gets in it. And of course there’s the beach. We took a picnic down the other night at sunset. It’s too cold to swim just yet, I think, but it’s really beautiful and we stuck our toes in. I think a couple of months from now it might be warm enough, but then of course it’ll be really busy. Right now it’s almost like our own private beach.

We talked about the future a little bit. I thought it was unfair that the other rangers get their own cabin while she has to stay in the big room, but she said she doesn’t mind too much. I said maybe I could live there part of the time so she’d have an excuse to have one. I don’t know how I’d get to town, I guess pester Aeramin for a portal. Or she could live with us, but I don’t think that would be a good idea. Either Aeramin would be grumpy all the time, or she’d like him better and I know where that would leave me. She seemed surprised but I explained I didn’t mean right now. I’m just thinking about the future I guess. Though I guess that may be a ways off. Not too far, but definitely a ways. We have a few days yet. The break has been nice, both from my duties and just to get away from everything. I haven’t stopped worrying about it yet, which I should if I’m on a break. I’m sure more wine will help with that, it’s really very good wine.

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