[OOC] SWTOR Chapter 11 Thoughts

As always, not really a review, but my thoughts about stuff. Non-spoilery things above the fold, spoilery below – along with a couple of screenshots including the now-infamous naked bug.

So, I’ve finished the chapter on both a (romanced) Trooper and a non-Trooper, to get both perspectives. I enjoyed both, very likely because Jorgan is by far my favorite class companion in the game, but I also liked the storyline, boss fights, and there was even a mini puzzle to solve. That said, Trooper got a lot more story and even just little throw-back lines which were super fun and really made me smile. I can only hope that every class gets as much love in one of their chapters. I’m lucky that mine came so early, but it’s motivation to get the others through so they’ll be ready when theirs come out, because it was absolutely worth playing through on the “native” class. Could they have done more? Yeah, sure, but I understand they have to balance seven class stories and can’t focus too much on one. As much as I’d like to get Trooper story updates every month. The updates aren’t huge, but they’re still new content and progress the story.


Now for some more spoilery thoughts, and Trooper-specific stuff —


The infamous “naked bug”, oops! It actually caused the quest not to progress, so I had to restart the mission. I’m sure Kazta wouldn’t have minded too much, though…

His reaction here is Trooper specific!

Another naked Jorgan, this one is a duplicate!

I won’t link all the Trooper-specific lines, but there were a lot. (They’re in the other photo post, though!) Some of them were really heartbreaking, and I really have to give props to his voice actor here for managing to put that much emotion into his lines. The character also sounds older and more jaded, which fits the story really well. I was disappointed in a few of the conversations only because of limited options, and the chapter ending seemed a bit strange: Jorgan leaves immediately to go train the new recruits. You’d think after being away from his wife for five years he’d want more than one night with her… but I guess that’s what fanfiction is for! I’m also sad that there’s no mention of Elara, the former Havoc Squad medic. I would have also liked to see a reunion between Forex and Jorgan, maybe even Yuun. The new members of Havoc Squad are interesting, I hope we might see more of them later on. Apparently Kazta was awarded the rank of Colonel posthumously, but you don’t actually get it in-game. Boo!

So overall I would say I’m very happy with this chapter. I got what I wanted: Kazta reunited with her husband and their romance resumed. And lots of explosions, character development, and even some mushy stuff. Good times. There’s no other characters to recruit this time around, and I’m finished with Star Fortress stuff, so I will use this month to get everyone caught up I think.



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