[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

I knew being a ranger would be dirty, but I didn’t know it would involve being covered in spider goo. Disgusting!! The minute we got back to the building, I raced to the tub. Normally I would have tried to sneak Julan in, but Arancon was standing right there looking grumpy because he wanted to use it too. So I figured I should be fast before he came in and dragged me out by the ears for taking too long. Aside from that part, it was actually fun going with everyone. I still wish there were more people here, especially younger guys. Younger girls would be okay too.

That reminds me, Aeramin came around looking for Julan. He told me they used to work together on the Row, and more than work I am pretty sure. Which was before, so whatever, but I guess Julan wanted to talk him into stuff now. He says that’s just what he’s like but I thought we were kind of together, so I don’t know what I think about it. Julan said he would have invited me if he’d said yes, I just wish I’d known about it before rather than after. But nothing happened anyway, so I don’t need to worry about it. The weird thing was that he was asking Julan for advice with his situation with the baby. I don’t know why he’s asking now, when she’s already born and a year old, instead of when he first got her. Or why he thinks Julan is going to even understand what any of that is like. Julan doesn’t even like girls at all, how would he know what it’s like to have a baby? The stuff Julan was saying made me worry a little bit though, like what if there’s some girl that’s planning to do the same thing to me? I think they were all more than nine months ago, so it should be okay. But still it’s scary to think about. I don’t think I would want a baby right now either, and I’d probably have to give it to someone to care for. I couldn’t care for it by myself while I’m doing patrols and stuff.

Julan tried to get Ty to see if three people could fit into the closet. It was pretty funny. Ty doesn’t have to use the closet anymore but I know he used to, so I don’t know why he acts so scandalized anytime Julan asks him things like that. They have a cabin, which would be nice. I wonder if they’ll build any more. I’m sure Arancon would be happy if they did, he’s always giving Julan dirty looks.

I should write to my parents to let them know how I’m doing. I think my father expected that I’d quit right away and want to come back, but I didn’t. It’s not that bad. I think I actually kind of like it now, which I guess was the point. I hate admitting that he was right about anything. I do miss the parties, but there are parties at the school sometimes — of course they’re completely different, but there’s a lot of good food and desserts and a lot of people. Less wine and less sneaking off to dark corners, although there’s still some. The garden is the best place for that. I won’t put that in the letter though.


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