[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

We had the spider hunt this week. No one really likes doing it, but I guess it’s an initiation of sorts for the new rangers. It’s at least a chance for them to do something besides practice, I’ll probably put Salenicus and Anorelle on a patrol soon. Well, they can’t be together, people in the countryside are still unhappy about seeing death knights out and around, even if there are Forsaken in town. We can split the night patrol into two shorter ones, or just split the area. I think that’ll be more likely, but I can ask what they prefer. I’m sure Sunashe will be a little unhappy that I’m letting them go without mastering the bow, but I’d rather get them out on a route than fight about it. Besides, Anorelle isn’t too bad. Salenicus, well, I think he can handle himself just fine without one. That is, if they don’t decide to leave after crawling around in the dark covered with spider guts. No one has yet, though. I could sure go for some spider legs right now. It’s too early in the year, they aren’t big enough yet. Toward the end of the summer we’ll have a lot, and we could do a whole pile of them. People are always squeamish about them until they try them — I was too, but they taste really good.

I also went with Arancon to talk to Aeramin’s boyfriend. He said he wanted me with him so he didn’t get tempted to drink, which I guess sounds like a real reason. Maybe he just wanted someone there with him so he didn’t get punched. Either way, it was a nice afternoon in general; I was going for supplies and I took Rylad as I like to do, we always get lunch and look at some of the shops. I think he makes Arancon a little sad though, maybe more wistful. I know he’s upset about what happened with Aeramin, and I know he wishes he could see Lyorri more. That’s what he wanted to talk to Im about, to keep Aeramin from signing her over. I’m doing my best to stay out of it. I know Arancon is doing well and he’d take good care of Lyorri, but I also know that Kes has wanted a baby forever and no one could be doing better than she could. Arancon is worried that they’ll just move and not tell him, or keep him from visiting her. I know she wouldn’t do that, but of course Arancon doesn’t know her that well. Hopefully talking to Im reassured him, he was surprised when he said that Im doesn’t want Aeramin to give her up either. Not sure how well Aeramin listens to him though. Or anyone.

I still worry about what Arancon said though, about how things were fine with Aeramin until they weren’t. What if something happens and we have to move, or something else that I can’t predict, because that’s how life is? I don’t want Rylad to hate me, or Zeran. Rylad would have more cause, he could say that I’m not his real father or something like that. On one hand I know I’m not and I want him to remember  Vessen, but on the other I have thought of him as my son ever since Nessna and I got together. It’s something I worry about. Maybe it’ll never happen, I hope not.

It’s going to be building season soon. I’m wondering if I ought to get a couple more made, just to have them ready. Also, I’m getting tired of finding things from the closet strewn onto the floor. Ty thought I didn’t notice when they did it, either. I promised I’d put up posters again, though, the sleeping quarters are pretty empty on both sides.


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