[OOC] Timewalking Time

I finally reached 5000 badges on my main, so I could buy the dragonhawk mount if I want to. I’m just not sure if want that one now, or wait a month so I can get the Wrath one. I do really like pink and purple, but the horse is like a cheap knock-off version of Invincible (which I’m sure will never drop) and I could pretend!

I’m thinking about grinding out the other 5000 on my Horde hunter. He has Thori’dal and a cloak, so he should do reasonably well. As I learned last night, it’s much less stressful going as a DPS. As a healer, if you get a bad tank you are absolutely going to have a bad time, and the mechanics haven’t been adjusted, for example you cannot dispel multiple people at once (unless you are a priest, of course) due to the cooldown which wasn’t in place when those dungeons were current. The worst thing I have to worry about is accidentally pulling the wrong group or, as happened last night, my Dire Beast getting feared into another pack. Hey, I have an idea, let’s make the whole spec centered around those pets you have no control over in the next expansion, doesn’t that sound great???

I still don’t really enjoy Timewalking. Like many things in WoD, they are a good idea in theory but badly executed. They are a good idea because they could revitalize old content and make it relevant. Final Fantasy does the best job of this, though SWTOR has level scaling with scaled rewards for both flashpoints (dungeons) and heroic quests. WoW would benefit greatly from making old content really relevant again, so it’s not all just abandoned the second a new expansion comes out. The problem is, it’s not especially well tuned, interesting, or fun. The rewards could be better — they’re okay for alts, but there’s really nothing for mains outside of the mounts. And, of course, they should not only be restricted to a specific week. I feel like they would be much more popular than current heroics if they were available all the time, though maybe I’m wrong.



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