[OOC] Factions are Outdated

I wanted to have a progress photo of my first clay head today, but unfortunately it’s been really humid (rainy/foggy) so the clay is taking ages to dry and he’s still just a homely lump. Still, I’m hoping to have a few head/paw sets ready for June. Currently I’m working on a Kath Hound, I also have plans for another Tundra dragon from Flight Rising, and perhaps a werewolf, I  haven’t fully decided yet. We’ll see where I go from there if I still have any time left.

Anyway, I read over the datamined info for the 4.3 patch for SWTOR. What’s really interesting is that it seems they are moving to PVP instances rather than PVP servers. Mr Hare and I have had a lot of discussion about how it would make sense to merge the factions in SWTOR from a gameplay point of view. You could still belong to the Republic or Empire, but you could communicate across factions (this exists — sort of. You can /say cross faction but not use custom emotes), merge the economies (this exists), and you could group up with members of the opposite faction for parties/flashpoints/operations, so long as you are not PVP-flagged. This does not exist yet, but I think it’s a step that should be taken. It provides double the population to play with, and story-wise (spoilers!!) the Empire and Republic no longer really exist as entities in KotFE. I was kind of surprised that the factions weren’t merged at KotFE launch, but it seems they are perhaps inching toward it.

I also think it should be done in WoW. While WoW’s economies are merged, there’s still a language barrier in place. While there are still a lot of people playing compared to some other games, most are concentrated on a handful of servers. Most servers are pretty darn dead. And, again, if the Alliance and Horde are focused on uniting to fight a common foe, it makes no sense for them to be at war outside of battlegrounds. Arena already allows intra-faction combat, so the technology exists.

There’s also been some rumbling about megaservers for SWTOR. I’m fine with them, so long as I get to keep my names. That’s the only concern I have, but I don’t know if this is officially happening or it’s just people freaking out prematurely. Especially as my main’s name is only 5 letters long; it’s unique but short names are always taken first. I’ll admit I’m kind of attached to my server name too!


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