[OOC/Screenshots] Etheralus

I got the last bit of valor to purchase my crystallized fel upgrade today. As it’s not looking too likely that my raid group is going to continue much longer, I wanted to finish my ring up because I was only two upgrades away.


It’s just kind of underwhelming, I mean you don’t get any title or mount or achievement for finishing it. I don’t feel accomplished, I just feel relief that I don’t have to worry about it anymore. In Mists, it was an awesome feeling when I finally got my cloaks, and they had a great visual effect as a reward. (And, later on, a title.) I got cloaks for five characters in Mists, and I could have done more if I’d had the incentive to do so. LFR was generally enjoyable and the rest of the quest wasn’t too bad either.

This time around though, I’ve not even started the ring quest on any alts. Part of this is the really terrible long grind — the 900 whatsits being the worst offender, but far from the only one. Then there’s the shipyard requirement, which has been improved but is still really terrible, and mandatory. Whatever happened to garrisons being optional? Worst, I think, is that to even begin the quest you’re gated by stupid hoops. Like, you need to complete some heroics. Enjoy those DPS queues, but oh wait, before you’re even allowed to do them you need to do the proving grounds. On every single alt. It’s something I haven’t seen brought up often in criticisms of WoD, but for me personally it was a huge damper on alt play. Maybe if it was at least updated, but it’s the exact same proving grounds I already did in Mists. They weren’t exciting or fun then, and they aren’t now. Worse, they’re now mandatory if you want to do any heroics. So I just don’t do heroics on any alts.

Oh yeah, I forgot to rant about the completely useless (and for Alliance characters, completely head-scratching) Garona follower. I’m all orced out. I don’t want yet another orc follower. It’s hardly an incentive to do the quest chain on alts.

Hopefully some kind of reward will be added in later, similar to the “Legend of Pandaria” one.


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