[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Sunashe wrote a poem for me for the goblin holiday, you know the one where you are supposed to give things to the person you love. It was kind of strange, because of course it was about lizards, but I got his meaning. And it was sweet, even if strange. No one’s ever written me a poem before — well, I’m not counting that weird one that the kid from the school wrote. It’s too cold to go camping yet, and we have our cabin now anyway so we don’t really need to, but I made sure he knew that I appreciated my poem. I feel a bit guilty about everything that happened before, especially him leaving, but I wasn’t sure yet. It isn’t an excuse though, and I’m trying to make up for it.

Im showed up here at the main building a few nights ago, he told me he wanted some of the inheritance after all. He said he was going to use it to get a place in Silvermoon, on his own. On one hand I was irritated, because Mother and I have been the ones filling out all the papers and going to all the hearings, and all this time he says he doesn’t want it but now suddenly he does? But on the other I’m happy, if it means he’s finally going to leave that mage, and it’s not like I could refuse to give it to him. His name is on the papers too. He still hasn’t even spoken to our mother outside of a few words. I wish he would at least try. It really wasn’t her fault, and I understand why she did what she did. Sure, she could have found us sooner but she didn’t want to cause more trouble in our lives. It’s been slow but we’ve been spending more time together and it’s been nice. Im should want that.

But then Aeramin drank a bunch of potions all together and Im had to take him to the hospital, where he’s been staying. We heard about it from Arancon, his father. I’m half tempted to go over there and drag Im out by his ears myself. Of course I don’t want Aeramin to die, but now he’s basically made sure that Im can never leave, he can always do it again or threaten to. Not to mention how Im must have felt when he found him. I think it’s a really awful thing to do to someone you’re supposed to love. I want to talk to Im about it, but I’m sure I would just be wasting my breath. Maybe Kavia can get him to listen.


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