[OOC/Screenshots] SWTOR Group Quests

I really want to rant about the state of Beast Master hunters in Legion, I’ve been holding my tongue to people who don’t want spoilers, or are still excited for the expansion and I don’t want to rain on their parade. But I’m really unhappy, and actually trying them in alpha made it even worse. Maybe I’ll collect my thoughts coherently later on, but right now I’m just a white-hot ball of rage. I can’t help but wonder how many similar players Blizzard is going to alienate by completely changing so many classes. Sure, some will like it, but I have a feeling there are a fair number who won’t, and will simply stop playing. Seems like a dangerous risk to take when you’ve just lost half your paying customers. But I guess they’re paying in Hearthstone, so Blizzard doesn’t care.

Anyway, this weekend I played quite a bit of SWTOR because Mr Hare was home, and I had some group content I wanted to finish. These are some pretty neat, long quest chains that take you all over the galaxy and reward some neat stuff like titles and armor. They’re able to be done solo all except for the last couple of steps, which require a 4-person group. One of them was a really awful jumping puzzle, I’ve expressed my hate for them before and especially because you had to do the whole section over if you missed one jump later on. Though there was a speeder you could use to catch up to your party members, which made it slightly less awful. Still awful. Visually it looked quite cool though. Unfortunately we were not able to totally finish that quest, because the last step actually requires 4 players to operate a switch puzzle. (We had us and our two companions, which counts for 4 people as the game goes, but obviously they can’t interact with switches.)

But we were able to finish the other, and did a heroic Star Fortress to earn a neat Kazta-appropriate title.



One Response to [OOC/Screenshots] SWTOR Group Quests

  1. Silverangel says:

    LotRO’s major classes revision (to skill trees) really lost me. I came back, but didn’t like the new system, and dropped all but one of my characters due to not wanting to relearn all the classes, especially the super-complicated one (Warden). Agree a major restructure is probably a bad idea in an aging game that has people leaving for long periods.

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