[Screenshots] Final Fantasy XIV

I basically log into WoW for two reasons these days: One is for RP, the other is for raiding. This used to be twice a week, but due to the state of the expansion and recruiting difficulties, we opted not to pursue Mythic bosses. So at present we’re down to only one raid night, and even then I think a lot of people are not really feeling it.

Most nights, my raid team can be found over on Final Fantasy XIV. I played this for a couple of months previously, but I ended up cancelling my subscription because I just don’t have time to play three games regularly. The fee is an issue too, though not as much — it’s cheaper than both WoW and SWTOR. As I’m still having fun in SWTOR, I don’t plan to cancel that one anytime soon. But my friend did want help with the Valentine’s day event, and I admit that I’d like to be able to play with my raid friends as well. So I put some time on my account, only a month worth and it’s a timecard, so I can choose if and when I decide to pay again. I haven’t yet decided if I will move a character over to their server or not, it’s really busy and comes with all of the pros and cons of living on a busy server.

The game is a lot of fun, even if I feel lost a lot of the time. I’m still very much a newbie when it comes to, well, everything. But my cat is very cute. I made him to resemble my WoW druid, and he even was named after him.

I think he kinda looks like Tom Cruise… not intentional.

Hooray for plaid!


3 Responses to [Screenshots] Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Silverangel says:

    He looks a little like a kitty wolverine to me. ^^ Tempted to try this game. I didn’t want to give them any more money after wasting $60 on the original version, but it’s only $20 now, and the beta of the remake was impressively better.

  2. I never played the original so I can’t compare, but this version is a lot of fun! I don’t have the expansion yet either.

    • Silverangel says:

      Apparently you can do anything and everything on one character? That’s really appealing. And the Botany profession intrigues. I miss running around collecting flowers in WoW. Enjoyed your blog posts lately with your art. You’re very talented! Asha’falah.

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