[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

[[ Just a quick one today, everyone’s home and I can’t concentrate enough for anything complicated! ]]

It’s so weird to think that Keyalenn is a professor now. Well, I guess he isn’t really, but he’s going to help Professor Raleth with the frost classes, so he’s like a professor’s assistant. Which still makes it seem a little weird. He still seems like the same guy, but in the spring he’s going to be moving into his own house and he probably won’t come talk to us as often. Or maybe he’ll become boring because he’s a teacher! It’s so strange to think about how he used to get in trouble for doing pranks all the time, that’s why he had to leave his old school. Now he’s all serious and responsible. I guess that’s good, but I kind of miss the old Keyalenn sometimes, or at least hearing the stories about his pranks. I suppose I’m a little jealous too, I wish I could be moving into my own house with Xarola, though I would miss talking to the guys as well. Keyalenn and Lora aren’t even married yet, which I thought would be against the rules but he said it’s okay since they are engaged. I wish I could afford to buy Xarola a ring, then we could too. All of the money I get from selling flowers and herbs goes to pay for my books and robes and supplies. I don’t want to ask my family for money because they’re already paying for me to go here. We aren’t poor exactly, but they don’t really have extra money, almost everything goes back into the business. The reason I can even go to magic school at all is because this one costs so much less than the ones in Silvermoon. I know Xarola’s family doesn’t have a lot either, it’s just her and her mother. And I think she’d probably like any ring I got but I want it to be a nice one. Especially since Lora is going around showing hers off, it probably cost a ton. I don’t even know if Xarola would say yes either, I mean I think she would, but there’s always a chance she wouldn’t. She might want to travel first or move somewhere else, or maybe her mother arranged someone for her in the city, who knows.

Maybe I could bring it up at the goblin day party. We don’t normally have one here at the school, but I thought it might be fun because it’s an excuse to dance and eat a lot of cake and spinach rolls. So what if it’s a made up goblin holiday! Salastion seemed to like the idea, and one of the new guys. He has a really weird name, it’s like Gull or something. I haven’t had time to talk to most of the new students, between all my classes, and I feel kind of bad about it. But at least we talked a bit last night. He seemed to like the idea too, but he didn’t know which girl he should invite. He suggested that we just invite all the girls and then we could dance with them there, I guess that could work. I explained how they always talk about us though, like secret stuff that they won’t tell you about. I’ve tried asking Xarola, believe me. The new girls seem nice though, I’m sure they’d be willing to dance with them. I am glad I don’t have to worry about who I am going to dance with! Unless she doesn’t want to of course. I told Gull to get some flowers or chocolate for the girl he likes, or those dragon books. They all seem to like those. I think there’s a new one out now, Xarola has been carrying a book around and hiding it inside one of her study books. I don’t know why she’s so embarrassed about it!


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