[OOC] Legion Alpha Concerns

Hey look, it’s me complaining about Legion again!

So now that I’ve actually seen it for myself, I still have a ton of concerns about Legion. Yeah, “it’s alpha”, bla bla blah, but Blizzard did not take a lot of the feedback from WoD to heart and there’s no reason to think they will here, either. For one thing, it’s realistically too late to change systems like the artifacts. So this is more just recording my thoughts about it, so I can come back a year from now and be like “I told you so”.

Artifacts – I think the system is inherently flawed; by tying abilities to them, how will we proceed in further expansions? Will they be completely invalidated and replaced next expansion. If so, by what? I can understand the argument that it’s nice to not have to rely on drops… however there’s also the other side of the coin in that you never have anything to get excited about from a boss. Being stuck with the same bland, boring weapon for two years doesn’t sound very interesting to me. There’s also a wide disparity between the quality, both in the models and the lore. A handful have good stories, but the rest feel like last-minute filler, probably because they are. Lastly, it seems like these are just another re-packaging of the legendary ring quest, something to keep us paying without any real payoff.

No second artifact¬†until 110 – Tied to the above, since you cannot get a second artifact until 110, you are locked into your spec for the entirety of leveling. Want to level as DPS but heal some dungeons as you go? Nope, sorry, you can’t. Maybe they don’t want people using dungeons to level, but that seems counter-intuitive to me. They’re a nice way to break up the monotony on your third (or more) alt, and a good way to learn the dungeons for later. And, if they’re tied to the lore as they claim, people should want to see them while leveling. I’ve tried questing as Resto Druid, and it’s slow and painful. Granted, there still may be numbers tuning, but it’s nowhere near as efficient as a DPS spec right now, and in truth I don’t see how they can allow healers to do that much damage without imbalancing everything.

Ability pruning – Lots of complaints about this on the alpha forums, and I agree with it. I still miss Symbiosis, and now I’m losing a lot more as well. When I was trying to heal on the alpha, I felt like I didn’t have the tools I needed to deal with emergency healing situations. Just changing classes for the sake of change doesn’t necessarily make things better, and in many cases makes things worse, when it comes to utility and survivability. Which leads into my second point about:

Healer balancing – It seems like the devs are trying to make healers shoulder more responsibility again in Legion. Let’s remind them how well that worked out in Cataclysm? Tanks are losing a lot of their abilities, meaning they will require more direct healing. Of course, healers are losing a lot of their abilities too… leaving them less equipped to deal with heavy tank spikes. And, spirit is being removed, so healers will have to micro-manage mana during the whole expansion. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I kind of like feeling super powerful at the end of an expansion, boosted by my gear and able to do things like heal 35% of an LFR alone. Part of the reason we play and advance our character is to feel more powerful, if that’s taken away, why bother?

Class halls – I’m not sure why people seem to think this is an improvement over the garrison. It’s a garrison with 100 people sitting on their mounts over the table you need to click on. More of the forced “commander” nonsense, that makes even less sense this time around because you’re surrounded by dozens of other people, half of whom you can’t even communicate with because of out-dated game reasons. Further, a lot of them are pretty boring and some are just plain terrible (Rogue…) Oh, and you can’t even pick the buildings anymore, because player choice is bad, I guess.

Busted-ass lore – Related to the above, why do warriors hang out in a Vrykul hall of the dead? Who knows?! This expansion is incoherent and meandering in terms of story and focus, and while we don’t know the whole story yet, I’m really not confident they will be able to weave it all together into a unified whole. Especially given how bad the story was in Warlords.

Flying – Or lack of. They’ve said they were happy with how flying was handled in Warlords. Uh, really? Because a lot of people weren’t, myself included. ¬†The flying achievement must be earnable at launch, not however many patches down the road. I do not mind “earning” flying, I do mind waiting around while it’s patched in.

Diablo-style gameplay – I get that some people like Diablo. But I don’t, and trying to force it into WoW seems like a risky move to me. It’s certainly not something I am interested in, I already feel like there are too many versions of the same dungeon content. I’d rather see more solo content that I can do on non raid nights: things like dailies, scenarios, factions with fun interactions like Cloud Serpents/Netherwing, more pet battle content, long solo quests like the green fire quest. Give me something to do, a reason to log on. Right now, the game doesn’t have that. Neither does the alpha.




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