[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

I finally convinced my parents to let me visit the school in the Ghostlands. Ever since Lora transferred there, she’s been trying to get me to move too. At first I was skeptical, because it is in the middle of nowhere in the Ghostlands, of all places, so how good could it be? But she’s sent so many letters telling me about how nice the grounds are, and how the teachers give you a lot of personal help, and about the parties and the food — oh and her boy of course. That’s not really my main reason for wanting to go; there are plenty of boys at our old school after all. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t part of the reason.

I gathered up all my marks and reports and brought them with me. I thought I’d look more mature if I didn’t bring my parents along at first, plus that way I could decide on my own without them influencing me. I mean it’s my decision after all, right? And they should be happy because the fees are less for Fairsong Academy. I took a dragonhawk and then I  had to walk the rest of the way. It was a little muddy but thankfully my robes didn’t get too messed up. I would have been so embarrassed to walk in there with muddy shoes! It would have tracked all over the beautiful floors. I thought Lora was exaggerating when she said it was a mansion. It used to be a huge estate, and the headmaster fixed it up and converted it into a school. All of the bedrooms are classrooms and practice rooms, and the ballroom is used for the parties and events. The headmaster is so young too! He had his little baby with him. Lora said he and his husband have two girls, one baby and one older. I don’t see how just two people could take care of such a big school, but then he said there’s the butler and the woman who works in the stable, too. It still seems like it would be a lot of work!

I don’t think the headmaster was expecting me, he seemed surprised when he came down the stairs. He was walking on crutches because he’d been injured. I hope he is better soon, it must be awful not being able to practice. We talked about how many classes I’d had yet, and what areas I was interested in studying. Oh, apparently the fire teacher is from Murder Row! I can’t believe that! Lora neglected to mention that part. Maybe she was afraid my parents would read it. I guess if the headmaster trusts him, he’s probably okay, but I think I’ll leave that little detail out of my letters too. I do wonder how he got his training. Probably it’s best not to ask. I expected the headmaster to ask a lot more questions, but he invited me to stay in a guest room right away. Lora says a lot of the rooms are haunted. I don’t think I want a room with ghosts in it. There’s a new building that was just finished, there shouldn’t be any ghosts in there. And I think it would be fun to live near the other girls, it would be almost like it’s our own house and we’re living on our own — except for the woman who lives there. But still. Lora is in there for now, but she’s going to be moving in with Keyalenn soon, when his house is finished. I hope she’ll still come visit the rest of us though. I want to help her plan for the wedding! I have a lot of ideas for things we can make. The headmaster said there’s another girl planning one too, and hers will be sooner. I hope she still needs help with hers too.

While we were talking, a boy came down into the sitting room. He said he thought he might study ice magic, which I think is a little weird, but I guess Lora’s boy does too. It’s hard to even find a school that offers ice classes in Silvermoon. Maybe that’s why a lot of them come here. He’s cute though. And nice. He showed me around the garden and around the different rooms, though I know I’m going to get lost for the first few weeks. Maybe months. My parents are coming tomorrow to sign all of the papers and to look around as well. The headmaster said my real room should be made up by then, so my parents can see that too. I’m so excited to pack all of my things! I’m going to need to bring a lot of dresses for all of the parties, but that’s okay since there’s all sorts of room for storage in the bedrooms. I am going to have to buy some new books too! And maybe some paintings for the walls so they don’t look so empty.


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